Good Times with Saada Ahmed

Soul Train, Saint Heron & Saada—now that is what we call some #goodtimes!

We’re just gonna say this once, Saada Ahmed is the real deal. The content director of Saint Heron—the online world of Solange’s Saint Records—co-creator of Everyday People Brunch, and total angel to be around, we’re casually obsessed with her and have been scheming this Good Times for a while now—it was all a matter of (good) timing. We talk parties, music, and crew-love below!

Everyday People Brunch is easily one of the fun-est parties in New York. So tell us, what are the crucial elements to a killer party?
A good crowd, good music, and lots of dancing!

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to?
Always house parties. Sometimes it’s planned and sometimes it’s organic! Either way they’re always fun because I’m around people I know and feel safe with, so I’m comfortable enough to leave my purse anywhere. The music is always jammin’, we all sing at the top of our lungs, and we dance the whole night.

What’s the worst line someone’s used at the door to get into EPB?
Someone told me they were Saada’s cousin! They didn’t even realize they were speaking to me.

So. what are we doing tonight?
The temperature has dropped so that means I stay local! My girlfriends are going to come over, we’ll jam out to some music, have some good conversation, and then head to the bar around the corner for a little fun.

Who’s in your crew?
They’re not all here tonight but generally, I have a big crew! Firstly, the Saint Heron crew! Elise Peterson our music features editor, Armina Mussa our photo editor, Marjon Carlos our arts and culture editor, Diane “Shabazz” Varnie our music news editor, and Christina Coleman our news editor. But then there’s also: Cherie Camacho the co-founder of Associates NY, Azza an experience architect at Wondaland, singer/songwriter/producer Solange Knowles, Lizzy and Darlene Opko the clothing designers of William Okpo, rapper/songwriter/artist Ingrid, and Ayan a community organizer/therapist.

Tell us a little about your routine before you head out. Let’s start with  beauty:
I take a shower and use Dr Bronner’s soap and Carol’s Daughter shea souffle lotion. Then on my face I use Carol’s Daughter Gelee de Soleil. Depending on where I’m going and if I have a tan or not I will use a dab of Nars sheer glow in Syracuse, Bare Essentials bronzer, Maybelline cover stick for concealer, Anastasia eyebrow pencil, and Maybelline great lash mascara.

How do you usually pick your outfit?
I pick my outfit depending on weather, mood, and where I am going.

What are you wearing tonight and why?
I can’t decide! I’m tossing up three looks. Look one: vintage dress and Improvd vest. Look two: Levis black jeans, plain white tank, vintage crop jacket, and Philip Lim boots. Look three:blue and white vintage dress, vintage jacket, and Puma sneakers. Which one?!

Hmmm, well, it’s sub-zero out, so I’m gonna say the Levis are the look. What do you put in your handbag before you head out?
ID, debit card, cash, lipstick, phone, Chapstick or Vaseline, and a book if I’m taking the subway.

Obviously the Saint Heron compilation is on repeat right now in our office, and that Brandy tribute on your SoundCloud is everything, but what’s your favorite song to turn up to?
Currently? Drake’s Worst Behavior. Anytime? Cash Money from the 00s.

OK, and let’s take a down a little. Favorite slow jam?
Foxy Brown “Sorry” (Reggae Remix)—Foxy Brown the reggae artist, not the rapper!

All-time favorite party scene in a movie?
Soul Traaaaaain from the 70s, the scene with Ray Charles in the movie Blues Brothers, and House Party the movie!

OMG, yes! Best answer to that question so far! I just heard the elevator pop, I think the girls are here!
Yes! Let’s do this!

Photography by Camilo Fuentealba, with film photography by Rocky Li of Third Looks.

What’s everyone’s favorite party scene in a movie? Can you top Saada’s? Comment below or e-mail us! Pippa@sousstyle.com and gillian@sousstyle.com