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Pippa’s Diary: Sous Actually!

Take a peek at our gorgeous holiday brunch, oh and hello check out my Christmas tiara!  #thisgirlsgonecrafty

Hey hey,

So you may have noticed from a couple of images on our Insta/Facebook/Twitter that we had a small holiday brunch at All Good Things last week, with some of our girlfriends. Oh and just in case you also wondered, yes I really did make that super cute Christmas tiara and the centerpieces! Sorry but I’m super proud of this fact given I’ve NEVER considered myself a crafty D.I.Y type of girl. Like, never ever.

Anyway, the theme of the event was Love Actually, the greatest Christmas movie of all time. I think I’ve watched it like nine billion times, and definitely not only during the holidays! I mean, who doesn’t want Hugh Grant to be their Prime Minister?! I mean don’t all politicians have a shady past?!

As with all things Sous, we kept the food simple and sexy with recipes from our London contributors, Hemsley & Hemsley. I’d say 99% of our relationship has been via Skype so we patched the girls (and handsome Nick) over dessert so they could talk about the recipes and all the other amazing things going on in their world. And while you guys may not be as lucky as I am to have the Hemsleys on Skype speed dial, you can totally do this brunch at home these holidays (how many days left now?)—check out my cheat sheet below!

Also special shout outs to Skype, Seaport Flowers and Male Monday Mike who did a wonderful job just looking pretty. #goodtimes

The food:

Vegetable Frittata
Broccoli Fritters with Avocado Dip
Apple, Red Chicory & Stilton Salad
Lavender & Maple Coconut Macaroons
Avocado & Lime Cheesecake
Dark Salted Chocolate Clementines

The drinks:
Clementine & Kale Juice
Pepper & Spice Hot Chocolate

The colors:
Festive and modern jewel tones

The centerpiece:
I weaved together plastic berry garlands and individually wired jewel tone baubles throughout it to give it a modern edge.

The flowers:
It felt more modern not to overload with flowers. Instead I chose bold statement flowers, like these two orchids that anchored the setting in between gold vases that were filled with more colorful baubles! Super fun!

The placemats:
The heavy stock placemats were inspired by the Sous Style homepage with the knife and fork. The plate image in between had our favorite quotes from Love Actually written on them.

The atmosphere:
For me the holidays is all about love, playfulness, and the possibility for anything to happen. Oh and Mariah Carey playing in the background.

The party favor:
Each guest was given a special Christmas tiara that I individually weaved together with wire, tinsel holly, and berries the night before!

The music:
A mix of classic and cute Christmas jams: Justin Bieber feat. Busta Rhymes “Drummer Boy,” Kylie Minogue “Santa Baby,” Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva “I Wish You A Merry Christmas,” Paul McCartney & Wings “Wonderful Christmas Time,” and Otis Redding “White Christmas.”

Photography by Lianna Tarantin

So what do you think? Did we pull it off? Comment below or e-mail us and!

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