Make that Countdown POP!

The easiest & chicest party poppers for your NYE countdown

Our final holiday DYI FYI installment from our Parisian beauties at the House That Jack Built is all about making your countdown pop in the chicest of ways. The girls gathered their gal-pals Doris HambourgLauren Cooper, Johanna Wedin, Kim Laidlaw, and Claire Plush for a little crafting, champagn-ing, and piano playing. Catch all the tips ‘N’ tricks below.

You will need:
Party popper tubes, we used these
Festive wrapping paper
Confetti: Any kind of confetti from your local party shop will do—paper, metallic, or homemade by cutting up christmas tinsel!

Cover the empty tubes with your favorite festive paper, fill them with confetti, and POP!

Photography by Claire Plush. Need a little more House That Jack Built in your life? Follow them on Instagram here!

What do you put in your poppers? Comment below or e-mail us pippa@sousstyle.com or gillian@sousstyle.com.