Meet the #MaleMonday: Mikkel

Pop bottles, pour it up & get to know the man behind our final Ask #MaleMonday for the season right here

When Copenhagen-born Mikkel Jensen dropped by SS studios, he was the last Ask MaleMonday of the shoot. By this point, our crew was either covered in fake snow, tangled in Christmas tinsel, or had lipstick smeared over our faces… so needless to say, we weren’t at our best. But Mikkel, the magical man that he is, was all smiles (and abs), and for that, we adore him. Get to know him better below.

Mikkel! Thanks for being our leading man this morning; we totally agree, champagne and tension aren’t a cute couple. So tell us a little about yourself: Age, star sign, and day job: 22, Capricorn, and model

And do you have any hobbies for 2014? I’ve recently taken up photography—I enjoy being creative

We wanna know what makes you tick, what are your three essentials when stranded on a deserted island: My phone, my camera, and a companion

Describe your ultimate New Years dinner party: It would have to be a big feast with cookies for dessert. My entire family AND Michael Jackson would be there!

‘Tis the season to reflect, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? My agent, Jason Kanner, always tells me, “Don’t lose yourself.”

It’s almost time for the countdown. Will you be making a New Years resolution for 2014? Yes, I’m going to try to be the best that I can all year round.

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