My Ultimate New Years Eve

We asked a few SS stars for their ultimate, dream NYE. Dream big, people! Go 2014!

What will you be doing tonight when the big ball drops? Who will it be with? What will you be dranking? 2014 is yours for the taking so make it ULTIMATE!

 Elliot Tomaeno, Male Monday alum and founder of AstrskPR
A couple good friends  + beach party in Greece/Morocco + good wine and better oysters = my ultimate NYE!

Lianna Tarantin, photographer and SS co-founder
Male Monday Ryan Kearney + having a picnic dinner in our bed watching the ball drop + eating Amazing Sushi from Takahachi and drinking gin Martinis = my ultimate NYE!

Talia Maltz, editor at large of Womens Health Magazine & stylist
My ultimate NYE is coming true! This year I will be on my honeymoon + cycling through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam + eating Pho to our hearts content = my ultimate NYE!

Naomi Shimada, model
My mom, 2 brothers, sister, and boyfriend + swimming in the warm waters of Okinawa + eating sea grapes and Okinawa soba and drinking ice cold Awamori + sleeping here = my ultimate NYE!

So that’s just about it! Thank you for an incredible year! The team here at SS wishes you a golden 2014! Let’s get cracking! Pippa x