Modern Dating with Clean Bandit’s Neil Amin-Smith

We talk dating deal-breakers with this violinist & total 10

We’re jumping across the pond today to hang out with Neil, strings player for the up-and-coming band Clean Bandit. What’s their sound? A little hip-hop, electronic, and classical all mixed together. What’s Neil’s deal? Find out below!

Age: 23

Astro sign: Scorpio

What are you currently listening to? At the moment I’m listening to Kelela “Cut 4 Me” and Oneohtrix Point Never “R Plus Seven.”

As a musician, who are you inspired by? So many people! Today, Miracle Fortress’ album from 2007, Five Roses, and obviously Britney, everyday.

All day, every day! What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? Stevie Wonder at Bestival. Isn’t he lovely?

If you could be a part of any band, what would it be? I’d love to have been/be part of Hot Chip, although I don’t think those guys really need any help at all. I guess it’s be hard to say no to a place in One Direction…

Ok enough music talk. Here come the hard questions: What’s your stance on online dating? I wouldn’t knock it, but I wouldn’t try it either.

You just went on a great first date, now what? In this day and age, phoning is a bit intense, right? I’d settle on a text because e-mail is a bit corporate.

Name some dating deal-breakers: A Freemason handshake or if they own and care for a Furby.

Total deal-breaker! As a teenager who did you worship? Yehudi Menuhin and Dennis Wise.

Favorite fictional hero or heroine? CJ Cregg from the West Wing

What are your plans for January? We’re going on tour with Basement Jaxx which should be amazing. Beyond that we’ll be finishing our debut album.

Finish this sentence, music to me is: my bread and butter

Check out Neil in Clean Bandit’s video for “Mozart’s House” below!

Photography by Harry Carr

OK, question for you guys. If you could attend any music concert, from ANY era, what would it be? Comment below or e-mail us! Pippa@sousstyle.com