Home Is Where the Good Times Are

People! I'm on a mission to bring back the old pop-up cafe at home!

Here’s a question: Whatever happened to just inviting a friend over for a cup of coffee and having a good gossip? Not going out to get brunch. Not inviting a friend over for a three-course meal. Nah, it’s way more simple than that. It’s what your mum used to do with her friends before there were cafes like Le Pain and pilates classes to go to. Just come over for a coffee and let’s just chat! It’s simple, perfectly cheap and as always I like to add my own keep-it-simple-sexy twist!

In Paris, one of my favorite things to order is a Café Gourmand, which is basically an espresso with a few petit-sized deserts. It’s so gorgeous and the perfect way to indulge on a small scale. So I thought wouldn’t it be cute if I made my own at home?! Here you see French pressed Stumptown coffee (extra strong), berries, and espresso bean chocolate, a shot glass of vanilla bean ice cream and a few yummy Milano cookies. Chic no? It’s SO easy but looks way impressive just as long as you art direct it a little ;). Oh, and of course a gorgeous flower to give it a pretty little something. Here I am with my legendary friend model and Sous Style icon Julie—who you’ll learn about more soon.

So it may not be what people call “entertaining” but I think it’s far more important that I actually open my door into my imperfect apartment and welcome the opportunity to host regardless of the party size. Don’t the best conversations always happen in slippers, anyway?! Hell yeah!

Pippa x

Photography by Lianna Tarantin

Thanks to Pepperidge Farm® Milano® cookies for presenting this post and for giving me the chance to enjoy 30 days of Café Gourmands from my Brooklyn apartment. My hips will thank you later.