House Hunter: Annie Leibovitz’s Photo Opp

An image pays a thousand (and more) dollars, if you're Annie

New year, new House Hunters! Intern alum Emily Manning is back with today’s hot property!

Rolling Stone’s OG Annie Leibovitz just pocketed a cool $28.5 mill for her trio of townhouses (yup, that’s plural y’all. When you drop a naked Demi Moore-serving-third-trimester realness on the free world, you’re ballin’ on a level unfit for a single address).

Encompassing 755 and 757 Greenwich Street and 311 West 11th Street here in NYC, the West Village trifecta was first listed for $33 mill back in December of 2012 before dancing around the $29 mill mark this past year. Leibovitz dropped $6.1 mill for the combined 10,200-square-footage back in 2003, roughly 10,000 more square-feet than her frequent subject Chloë Sevigny reported her East Village digs at in the same year (straight WTF).

The new owners can now boast seven bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, two guest suites, a library, finished basement, gated garden, and, just in time for #polarvortex, a modest 13 fireplaces.

From rockstars to royalty, Annie has shot just about everyone with a thoroughly researched Wikipedia entry. Here’s some of our fave Leibovitz looks:

Clearly homegirl’s been on that body paint tip since day one and no one is mad about it. The first image, Demi’s Birthday Suit, appeared on the August 1992 cover of Vanity Fair commemorating the Leibovitz’s success shooting preggo Demi a year prior. Her 1981 portrait of Meryl came at a time in which the actress was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the amount of press she was receiving. Depicted as a mime, Streep sought to emphasize the roles she plays rather than her personal relationships. In 1986, Leibovitz painted her entire set white and invited artist Keith Haring to cover it, and himself, with his now iconic neo-cave paintings.

Leibovitz’s entry into the working world came in 1970 as a staff photographer at the newly formed Rolling Stone magazine, shooting the biggest names in music from David Cassidy to Dolly Parton. A short three years later, she was named chief photographer at the publication, a title she’d hold for the next 10 years. The first of these images is perhaps her single most iconic and the last professional photograph taken of Lennon (he was assassinated five hours later.) In 1975, she momentarily swapped one Rolling Stone for a few others, serving as the band’s tour photographer for their Tour of the Americas ’75. And to round it all off, she helped the Boss’s beautiful butt top the charts as the single highest selling album of 1985.

From Angie’s ass to Whoopi’s uhhh, milk, Leibovitz has never been shy of taking it to the tub.

After seeing “Wrecking Ball” and its subsequent litany of parodies, this doesn’t even look that bad, right? Not to the nation’s legion of Disney moms, who in 2008 labeled Leibovitz a child pornographer after her Vanity Fair shoot of the then 15-year-old tween queen.

Concluding thoughts: regal. Absolutely regal.

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