Pet Paradise: Katie & Iris

We catch up with a purr-fect couple...

We first met Iris when we featured her mama’s incredible tabouli recipe, on the site—a story that sent waves through the tabouli scene, FYI! Katie, the proud owner of Iris and the tabouli recipe, is back today.

Hi Katie! Would you be so kind to introduce us to your furry little friend?
This is Iris. She’s two years old, and a smokey British Shorthair.

She’s adorable! Who was the matchmaker who got you two together?
Online dating. She was the only one left and super shy.

That is an incredibly 21st century way to acquire a pet! Does she have any likewise new-age hobbies?
Iris is very traditional: men and playing fetch with her toy squirrel. She’s very demanding, it’s non-stop.

She has a very regal face which makes us think she was definitely royalty in a past life… What are your thoughts?
Handsdown, she was Cleopatra’s cat.

Well, with a blood line like that she must have a neighborhood nemesis…
My other cat Betty. They’re still fighting out who’s boss, Iris thinks it’s Iris, Betty thinks it’s Betty.

What’s your fondest Katie and Iris memory?
Probably chewing my hair when she was a kitten.

Classic cat move. When you guys are hanging out do you gossip about anything in particular?
Girl’s stuff. She’s also very attention seeking, she knocks things off shelves and cupboards when she wants me and says, “Who me? No, that wasn’t me—I was painting my nails darling.”

When you ladies are chit-chatting, who do you imagine she sounds like? 
Marlene Dietrich

And lastly, whats your all-time favorite animal film to watch with Iris? 
Breakfast At Tiffany’s

She’s divine, isn’t she?! And check out Katie’s gorgeous illustration of them!