Sunday Afternoon with Sam

A rainy day spent cooking pasta with Sam? Oh yes, that'll do!

Samuel Oxford Nielsen may be blessed with good looks but don’t be fooled, his real passion is food! So much so that this multi tasking It-Brit has a book and a TV show in the pipeline. He sat down with SS lady Lynette Nylander to talk carbonara, coriander and teenage crushes.

Hi Sam! What are we cooking today? Sausage and thyme carbonara

Yes please! OK let’s get to know each other a little better. Where are you from? Oxford, United Kingdom

What’s your defining characteristic? Passion. There are couple of things I get super excited and passionate about

So this would be your day job? Yes! a cooking connoisseur

Spirit animal: A lion

And your favorite fictional hero or heroine: Does Thumbelina count as a heroine?

Um… we’ll take it! And go-to karaoke song? Amy Winehouse “Back to Black”

What are you currently obsessed with? Borough Market. It has food in biblical proportions! I have never seen such an array of beautiful and fresh produce.

And I’m guessing that’s where everything was bought from today! It smells delicious, btw! If you could cook for anyone, who would it be? Kate Moss, because I feel like I could convert her from her nothing tastes as good as skinny feels comment.

Name some of your guilty pleasures: Lyle’s golden syrup, butter, and war movies

What’s a taste you couldn’t live without? Coriander, it makes every meal sing. I think it adds a different layer to food and really brings it to life.

Name you top 5 favorite meals to cook for yourself:
1. Lime chicken curry
2. Roast chicken
3. Venison with port
4. Licorice
5. And if I am feeling posh, meringue, blue cheese, walnut and pear salad

Latest splurge: Fireworks for New Year’s Eve

Name your dream car? I’ve wanted a London taxi for a while. They’re huge and you can fit in five friends with suitcases, and you look great in it!

Genius! And your favorite romantic scene in a movie? The final scene in Atonement when Keira Knightley and James McAvoy are walking along the beach, running into the waves.

Sigh. So good! Describe your dream weekend: In a castle, on a loch in Scotland sometime in the summer but when the snow still caps the mountains. There would be a lot of books and I would have my Hunter wellington boots to walk in.

OK, last question, describe your ultimate dinner party: On a terrace in Amalfi on a summer’s evening. Wooden table, sea breeze, candles, good friends, good food, good wine, and laughter.

Photography by Mehdi Lacoste

Stay tuned (quite literally) for Sam’s cooking show, we’ll keep you in the loop, and keep it locked to SS for Sam’s sausage and thyme pasta recipe this afternoon!