Super Bowl Sous

What do we know about the Super Bowl? We know how to make it chic!

Despite the fact that I’ve lived in the US for a million years, I’ve never actually watched a game. So why on earth would I throw a party to celebrate it? Tim Riggins, that’s why. Duh, Friday Night Lights is the best show ever, but that’s another Pippa Diary thesis in itself. But seriously, the Super Bowl is such a dude-centric holiday; what’s actually in it for the ladies? This is why we decided to throw the first Super Sous Super Bowl Ladies Lunch with our legendary friends at the gorgeous creative place that is Neuehouse in Grammercy. And I have to say… it was kind of amazing!

We had a fabulous menu that included Hot Tim Riggins Hot Dogs, Connie’s Crudités, Texas BBQ Wings, and Coach Taylor Nachos. Of course, everything tasted and looked fabulous—who said Super Bowl food had to be trashy? We also had a couple of cute #MaleMonday cheerleaders in attendance, handing out poms poms and just generally making all of us feel amazing. The amazing Miku from Vanity Projects was on hand giving Super Bowl-themed manis while Friday Night Lights played on the big screen. When we say ladies lunch, we mean LADIES LUNCH! Chic food, chic drinks, in the very, very chic library of the Neuehouse. Oh, and we can’t forget our beginners football quiz, where guests won a few essentials like the Gillian Michaels Yoga Inferno and blow outs at Dry Bar.

But the most exciting part of the afternoon were our special guests of honor: Katie Rose and Laura from the professional womens football team the New York Sharks! Now for those of you who don’t know, we have our very own women’s professional football league here in New York and the Sharks are the oldest team in the US! They’re major and absolute legends. When I asked them why they played—why they train four times a week and invest their own money while their male peers get paid $$$—their answer was so simple: football is their passion. Just like us they’re doing what they love and chasing a dream… like my dream was to have a dude cook for me every Monday!

I’m thrilled to get to know the team better and to do some fun Sous activities with them this year, including a Gridiron workout—go girl! But in the meantime Sharks need your support so click here to donate!

And remember…. Clear eyes. Strong hearts. Can’t lose

Pippa x


Special thanks to:
Michelle, Camilla, and Jacquie and the Neuehouse
New York Sharks

Miku from Vanity Projects
Our handsome #MaleMonday cheerleaders
Ed Buckingham

IPhone photos by Sous!