Chanel & Champagne in Paris with Fanny

Good times are here, ma petite choux...

An American werewolf in Paris is a dangerous thing, but a New York girl in Paris? Call la police! We know how it’s done in New York (Madison and Piera have showed us some good times already), but what’s up in Paris? Like, are the bouncers meaner? Does everyone drink red wine, making our standard vodka tonic look trés passé? Calm down, Fanny is here, and she’s gonna show us how it’s done. Good times.

Hey Fanny, so we’ve noticed a lot of Chanel in your apartment, what is it you do exactly? Right now, I’m an account executive at Chanel!

Oh la la! An American in Paris! Do you speak French? Oui! I’m from Gouverneur in St. Barth

And how long have you been in Paris? Six months now

So we’re going out tonight for some Good Times. Where is everyone dying to get into these days? Silencio—I think?

And what are some of the greatest differences between going out in Paris and in New York? 
Paris is expected and New York is always unexpected!

Where are we off to tonight?
It’s happy hour at Drôle d’Endroit Pour Une Rencontre, then onto dinner at the Beef Club Ballroom, and then more drinks at Experimental Cocktail Club.

Busy night! Where is your favorite night spot?
Most definitely Beef Club Ballroom—it’s close to my apartment, has fabulous cocktails, good music, and always great company!

You look great, BTW. What’s your makeup and beauty routine?
On my face, I use Chanel Le Jour and Avène Mattifying Fluid. For makeup, I use Chanel Vitalumière AquaCorrecteur PerfectionLes Beiges (50 and 70)Le Volume in Noir, and Ultrawear in Ever Red on my lips. Depending on my mood, I use Coromandel or Sycomore  fragrances, which are also Chanel!

Every girl’s dream routine! How do you usually choose your outfit and accessories? It’s all about comfort

And what are we wearing tonight?
My top and pants are from a small boutique here in Paris, I’ve had this Comptoir des Cotonniers leather jacket since high school, and I got my booties in Lisbon from a recent weekend getaway.

What’s the story behind your jewels?
The big gold ring on my right hand is one of my favorite pieces: it’s a gold ring I got in India in 2010. I was there for a month for a friend’s wedding—it brings back great memories! There’s actually a huge dent in it from the first day I wore it while I was in the desert in Rajastan.

Also on my right hand, I have pieces from one of my favorite designers in Paris: Lisonia—all from her and they never come off my fingers. Around my neck are sentimental pieces: a charm from when I had a jewelry store in Nolita a few years ago, it’s an outline of St Barth, and a small pig because my father used to collect pigs…

What’s in your handbag when you’re going out?
Credit card, iPhone, and Ultrawear in Ever Red from Chanel—its ALWAYS in my purse, it’s the best red lipstick!

What’s you signature drink in Paris versus New York?
In Paris, rosé in the summer, dry white wine in the spring and fall, and red wine in the winter. When in New York, rum and coke or gin and soda. However, champagne anywhere and anytime!!!

Do you listen to music while getting ready? What’s currently on heavy rotation?
Right now, it’s pretty random: the xx, Bob Dylan, Charles Aznavour, Ella Fitzgerald, and always Bob Marley!

Which song makes you instantly lose it, while out?
I’m too embarrassed to say—it may or may not be by Ke$ha…

LOL. What does your ultimate Paris night out involve?
A great dinner with an eclectic group of friends, champagne, complicated conversations, more champagne, many laughs, bad service, awkward dance moves, too much champagne, and a pain au chocolat for breakfast…

That actually sounds like the best Good Times ever! And what about a night out in NY?  Strangers and random set of events

Very New York! So what is a truly great night out with girlfriends all about: Champagne and a dance party!

Photography by Claire Plush