Love & Music with Martin

This V-Day, all you need is Martin and #MaleMonday...

Who needs a Valentine when you’ve got countless #MaleMondays to get to know while spooning ice cream from the carton? Now that may sound a little Fatal Attraction but it’s totally not. You know what IS crazy? Feeling crap about not having a date this Friday! Can you guess our stance on V-Day? Duh, it’s all about good times and girlfriends. But hey, it’s Monday, and Monday just ain’t Monday without #MaleMonday. Everybody say hi to Martin, today’s total heartbreaker. In between making music, art, and beautiful pictures, Martin is also a connoisseur of the fairer sex, evidently. So who better to make almond milk love smoothies and heart-shaped cookies with than him. Cue the Barry White…

Occupation: Artist/Renaissance Man

Hometown: New York, NY

What’s your Facebook relationship status? Focused

Wait that’s an option?! Is this an accurate representation? I believe it is, ha ha

What does falling in love feel like? Like a never-ending song

Where’s Falcor at?! What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done? Sunset in the mountains—just the two of us…

Tell us about the first time you got dropped by a girl…
It hurt but it motivated me—I saw it as a chance to show that people can learn from the past, that they can grow, and improve for them and/or a future relationship.

Nice. So you DJ a bunch. Name your top three favorite love songs and your fave lyrics in them:
“Dancing in the Rain” by Robi Draco Rose—”Do you feel like dancin’?”
“Nothing Can Come Between Us” by Sade—”In the middle of the madness, hold on”
“Shed Some blood” by Rhye—”Want to be your choice, not just a moan”

Do you read the sex tip section in men’s magazines?
What for? Never have, never will.

OK now you have our complete, undivided attention. What’s the first thing you notice about a girl? Eyes. I love eye contact.

Where’s the best place in New York to check out girls? This is a tough one. There are beautiful women everywhere! I appreciate the eye-candy during a cruise on my bike on a sunny spring day.

What kind of a woman do you think you’ll end up with? The one who has restored faith in me, xx

Do you talk about girls with your guy friends? Here and there

Don’t be coy, now, Martin. What is it you guys talk bout? We just compliment their intellect and beauty.

Ugh, whatever. OK, finish this sentence:
Women just want… They know what they want
Men just want… facial hair… ha ha

Photograpahy by Lianna Tarantin

More sugar from Martin this afternoon, stick around x