Love in the Kitchen

Two SS heroines, Camille Styles & Sarah Britton, give us their ultimate V-Day recipes

Needless to say, we’re in the mood for love, so who better to ask  for recipe recommendations than our food BFFs, Camille Styles and Sarah Britton. We talk food, love, and heartbreak below…

Buttermilk Pancakes by Camille Styles
“Breakfast is really the sexiest meal of Valentine’s Day (or perhaps, for the morning-after?) For me, this is a day when healthy eating resolutions go out the window and I treat my sweetheart to all the bread, cheese, wine, chocolate and pancakes our hearts desire.”

Best dish to eat when in love: Chocolate soufflé (shared, of course) and a bottle of champagne
Best dish to eat with a broken heart: Green smoothies and kale-packed salads = glowing skin and a great body.There’s no better incentive to stop wallowing and get out there?

Heart Beet Rawvioli by Sarah Britton
“This dish is very sentimental for me, as I made it for my husband after a bad hang-gliding accident where he broke both of his arms (he’s okay now!). Although I am NOT a total sap, I did make the raw ravioli in heart shapes for Valentine’s Day. I really love this dish—it’s savory and rich without making me feel like I’ve just downed a plate of pasta (because I haven’t!).”

Best dish to eat when in love: I can’t eat when I’m in love! It’s how I know it’s the real deal 😉 BUT if I had to choose, I’d say peaches. They taste like kissing.
Best dish to eat with a broken heart: Ugh, ice cream sundaes. Especially the raw vegan Mint Chip Sundae from Pure Food and Wine. It will cure anything.

Lead image from How We Met: Matt & Marthe What’s your heartbreak go-to? Comment below or e-mail me, pippa@sousstyle.com!