Scarlett & Beano in London

Meet Scarlett and her beloved Blue Fronted Amazon parrot, Beano...

Like the sibling she never had, Beano is the life-long friend of London photographer Scarlett Carlos Clarke and we’re kind of obsessed with their relationship. So what do these BFFs like to do together? Well, the long list includes, Beano helping Scarlett Hoover, Beano chatting with Scarlett while she takes a bath, and Beano snuggling up to Scarlett in bed while she reads the morning paper. What more could want from a man? Having been shot plenty of times by Scarlett’s late father, photographer Bob Carlos Clarke, he sure knows how to work it for the camera. SS QT Eloise Moran hung out with the duo just before Fashion Week hit London…

Scarlett, your bird is gorgeous—introduce us, please!
This is Beano, he’s a Blue Fronted Amazon—he’s 40-something-years-old.

Holy wow, that’s an old and wise creature! How did you guys become acquainted originally?
I inherited Beano from my late father, who used to drive around with him on the wing mirror of the car.

How very Hollywood! Is Beano still obsessed with cars or has he moved on?
He’s now into Hoovers and roast chicken with mashed potato, gravy, and all the trimmings.

Any secret guesses as to who he was in a past life?
Frank Sinatra—his favorite song is My Way.

Has Beano acquired any neighborhood nemeses in his 40-something years alive so far?
People with beards and hats

What’s your favorite memory of him?
He once dialled 999 with his feet, and was screaming “Hello!” down the phone.

Amazing! Do you guys ever have any intense conversations? What do you guys talk about?
He mainly shouts and only knows how to say “hello” and “alright”, so it’s not much of a conversation.

Well, you’re still a step ahead of the owners of furry pets who can’t speak at all! If he was a human, who do imagine Beano would sound like? 
Someone very loud and obnoxious… maybe Johnny Rotten.

Photography by Jodie Herbage