Garbanzo Beans with Alice Lancaster

Artist Alice Lancaster swaps paintbrushes for kitchen knives, all in the name of salad & SS

This morning, we’re back in BK with artist Alice Lancaster! While short in tooth, Alice has partnered with brands like American Apparel and had her work featured at Miami Art Basel. We spotted her work flipping through Twin Magazine and thought, you know what? She should cook for us! So what are we cooking? We’re keeping things fresh and simple with a chickpea salad. We joined Alice, her cat, and her paintings at her apartment last week.

Hi Alice! So here we are in Bushwick. Where are you from originally?
Hey! I’m from St. Louis

What is something you always drew as a kid?
A lot of haunted houses with creepy interiors.

Creepy but cool. Do you remember what the first cassette tape you ever bought was?
All Summer Long by the Beach Boys or No Need to Argue by the Cranberries. I can’t remember which I got first, but I listened to those two cassettes like crazy.

No Need to Argue owned me for the best part of three years. We were such angsty 10-year-olds! What’s your all–time favorite song?
“Long Haired Lady” by Paul McCartney and Wings—it’s the most romantic song.

Favorite medium to work in?
I want to like oil paint more but I love using acrylic because I like to work fast. Acrylic allows me to complete a painting in a day if I want to.

What is the best art show you’ve been to this year?
I actually haven’t been to an art show this year but I really enjoyed (and was proud to be a part of) Gynolandscape curated by Petra Collins.

That’s amazing! We would love to know who your top five favorite artists are:
Basquiat, Freud, de Kooning, Niki de Saint Phalle, and Diane Arbus.

What are your currently working on?
I actually just finished a small portrait of Christy Turlington and am about to begin a large self-portrait at an artists residency called Girls Only.

What are you obsessed with drawing and painting right now?
Faces and figures. I paint from photographs and I like images to have a shadow cast on the face so that I am able to make little marks of pattern for varying shades.

FOOD TIME: It’s 1 a.m. on a Saturday night—what are we eating?
I’m most likely eating melted sharp cheddar cheese on crackers with a glass of red wine.

The number one taste you can’t live without? Truffle oil

What are your top 5 meals ever?
1. Steak with Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes
2. Spicy tuna hand-rolls
3. Mac and cheese with chili
4. My dad’s incredible homemade ultra-thin pizza with fresh basil and feta cheese
5. An original cheeseburger from Bareburger

In the kitchen, you swear by? Constant hand-washing 😉

Photography by Darcy Rogers

Cleanliness is next to Sous-ness! Thanks Alice! Errybody stay tuned for Alice’s recipe this afternoon! What do you guys draw as kids? Comment below! pippa@sousstyle.com