Getting Toasted with Gia Kuan

Comme des Garçons and Marmite are the cutest couple ever...

When Dover Street Market opened in New York, fashionable NYC-ers went a little crazy—or maybe we should say their Instagrams did. We here at SS have a pretty one-track mind (Food. Home. Men. Repeat), but we too needed to check out the seven-floor space, dee-luxe merchandise, and, of course, Rose Bakery. It goes without saying, DSMNY is amazing and you should definitely pop up there next time your in town. We fell in love with a few of their people and will be serving them up on SS over the next month, keep it locked! Today, we’re cooking with Gia, who, like all Antipodeans, knows the importance of Marmite, especially when paired with avocado, but adding sriracha into the mix? She shows us what’s up below.

Hometown: Taipei/Auckland/Melbourne… this is a hard question!

Oh, Taipei! Interesting! What’s your first food memory from Taipei?
Stinky Tofu and my dad’s homemade dumplings—I live for dumplings!

And then you moved to New Zealand. First food memory from there?
Yes! I moved when I was 11. I remember eating fish and chips and Tip Top ice cream by the beach everyday…

That’s the dream though, right? And Melbourne, my hometown! How old were you when you moved there?
I was 19…

And your favorite food memory from there?
Melbourne is a great culinary city. My most vivid memories are still from Andrew McConnell’s Cumulus Inc: the 65/65 egg for breakfast and the foie gras parfait with toasted brioche for… whenever.

So you’ve moved a bit but if you had to eat in one city for the rest of your life, which city would you choose?
Taipei, I can’t live without my Chinese food and the hawker culture in Taipei is bomb! They also have a very worldly cuisine and do everything incredibly well—there’s a good blend of high and low food culture.

After a long day, we’ll find you eating: Dumplings at Prosperity Dumplings on Eldridge Street

What are you currently obsessed with? Glitter and stickers

Best fashion purchase you’ve ever made:
My Comme Des Garçons leopard and floral print flat coat from Fall/Winter 2012.

And your most regrettable?
In 2012 I wanted to be Kreayshawn for Halloween and bought a whole bunch of shredded denim crop tops fake tattoos and gold bangles. But then Hurricane Sandy happened and now no one knows who Kreayshawn is.

Nails are looking cute—where do you get them done? Marie Nails in Nolita

Back to food: Taste you couldn’t live without: Savory all the day

Top 5 meals, ever:
1. Neptune Oyster Bar in Boston
2. Cumulus Inc in Melbourne
3. Attica in Melbourne
4. BaoHaus in New York
5. Shilin Night Market Food Stalls in Taipei

And now, fill in the blanks:
Never eat donuts with hotsauce
Always pair avocado with Vegemite

Your motto: Everything is okay in moderation

OK, keep it locked to SS to catch Gia’s tips for Vegemite on toast with hot sauce… pippa@sousstyle.com

Photography by Brayden Olson