Vera & Rio

♪ ♫ His name is Rio and he dances in the sand... ♪ ♫

SS readers might remember first becoming acquainted with Vera when she cooked a seriously impressive Bulgarian feast for us. As well as a hankering for meze, she left us needing to know everything about her cute cat Rio—so we called her up and got the goss.

Vera, tell us everything about your fine feline:
His name is Rio, he’s a Russian Blue, and he’s 3 1/2 years old.

Was it love at first sight? How did you guys officially meet?
Rio was a gift. He had to take a plane from Texas and we met in Brooklyn. I remember thinking that he had the biggest cat I’d ever seen!

Big ears = peak adorableness. What’s Rio obsessed with?
Birds, playing fetch with furry mouse toys, the Catch and Paint Game for Cats on iPad, and, of course, himself. His guilty pleasure is biting computer cables and shopping bag string handles. He also likes to roll on the floor and sit on the sofa like a human.

What luxury! Who do you think he was in past life?
He once “accidentally” typed my late grandfather’s name on my iPhone…

Whoa. Does Rio have any nemeses on the block?
A nemeses duo: the neighbors’ feisty cat Maka (better known as Red), and Sugar, the sweetest pitbull you’ll ever meet. Rio, Ivy, Maka, and Sugar all gather in the hall daily—which in our apartment building represents the great wilderness.

Any favorite memories of you two together?
When he let us know that his kitten sister’s paw got stuck under the fridge and she couldn’t break free. We were all very proud of him! He enjoyed that very much until he realized that made us give her more attention. Once she was free, he smacked her.

What do you guys talk about on the reg?
Our most serious conversations are about Ivy, his kitten sister. Rio simply cannot understand how she has absolutely no manners, and behaves like some sort of animal. He just can’t comprehend what it means to be born a gangster on the streets of New York… AND that he should still be good to her.

Sibling love, so sweet. Who do you imagine Rio would sound like if he was a human?
Napoleon Dynamite: “But mAAaaAA I hate ahi tuna, uuugh…”

That’s the funniest thing we’ve heard all week, seriously, LOL. Any classic animal movies you and Rio adore? 
Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Poor slob without a name will always have my heart.

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