David’s Coconut & Chili Shrimp Salad

Super easy, super healthy #OWNIT

Lunchtime! What’s on the menu? David‘s delicious and pro-Paleo coconut and shrimp salad.

Shrimp ingredients:
1/2 lb of wild-caught shrimp, washed, peeled, and deveined
Shredded coconut
Chili flakes
Sea salt & black pepper

1. Heat (virgin, cold-pressed) coconut oil in pan on high heat
2. Sauté the shrimp with chili flakes, shredded coconut, sea salt and black pepper for a few minutes until slightly browned and cooked through
3. Remove to slightly cool.

Salad ingredients:
Wash and prep (chop) the following:
Organic spring salad mix
Organic red peppers
Organic yellow peppers
Red onion
Organic cherry tomatoes
Dried, unsweetened shredded coconut
Walnuts (heat in pan for additional kudos)
Unsweetened dried cranberries or raisins
Generous glugs of extra virgin olive oil
Generous splashes of balsamic vinegar
Sea salt & black pepper

1. Mix well with your clean BARE hands
2. Plate, add shrimp and walnuts for garnish

Photography by Dacia Pierson

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