Man Seeking Dog: John & Ruca

Cutest Craigslist couple ever...

The first time we met John, he was cooking us up a hearty storm of frittata, home fries, and a Positive Mental Attitude (#PMA). And while John and his spoils were enough to keep us busy, we couldn’t help but fall in love with his pitbull Ruca. We hang out with the pair below.

Hey John! It’s been a minute! We’ve all missed you! ūüėČ Tell us about this fine looking pup….
This is Ruca! She’s a pitbull mix and is 5 1/2 years old.

How did this romance begin‚ÄĒwho hooked you guys up?
Craigslist, LOL

Oh, boy. That had potential for disaster! Good thing you lucked-out. Is Ruca currently obsessed with anything?
Keeping bones away from her sister Duffy.

Ahhh sibling rivalry, a classic tale. Any thoughts as to who Ruca was in a past life? A dictator who didn’t like sharing food, perhaps?¬†
Ruca was definitely a baby seal‚ÄĒshe loves to swim, and looks like one when she is wet.

Adorable! Has that sweet face of hers caused any jealous enemies? A neighborhood nemesis perhaps? 
Yes, very much so‚ÄĒthe dog that lives behind us named Bear. They bark at each other through the fence.

Most memorable date together?
The first time I took her to the Shore‚ÄĒ I’m a¬†Jersey Boy, LOL. She jumped right into the ocean after me and sat on the top of my surfboard.

Any favorite topics you and Ruca discuss when you’re hanging out?¬†

Of course. Who do you like to imagine she’d sound like if she was a human?¬†
A 90s female rapper like someone from ¬†Salt-N-Pepa. I’m convinced she’s from Ozone Park, Queens.

Prime animal movie to watch with Ruca? 
The Sandlot

Favorite dog park near your place?
Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Can she do any good party tricks? 
Yes‚ÄĒshe can do¬†sit, stay, fist bump (again, I’m from Jersey LOL), and lay down.

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