Pre-Show G&T’s with Mikey Bee

Hey, it's always Happy Hour somewhere...

While it’s Monday 9 a.m. here in New York, with Mikey Bee of the band MT WARNING it’s pre-show G&T time! Having recently returned from his US tour, we found Mikey in Bondi, where the lemons were freshly-cut, the gin chilled, and the tonic oh-so-bubbly. We talk his fave songs and ultimate dinner party guestlist below!

First things first: Age and star sign: 29, Cancer

Hometown: Strathmerton, Australia

And you’re currently living in? Byron Bay, Australia

So, you’re the front man of MT WARNING. Very impressive (and attractive). What was your first job? Mowing lawns

And as a teenager, who did you worship? Jim Morrison

Which brings us to music! You sing and play guitar with the band, but what’s your fave instrument? Trumpet

And what was the first song you learned to play? “Disarm” by The Smashing Pumpkins

Song you’ll always love? “Embraceable You” by Chet Baker

And your go-to karaoke song? “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath

You just came off a US tour. What was your most memorable meal while on the road? Via 313 Pizza on East 6th Street Austin, Texas

So, what’s up for MT WARNING over the next few months?
We have an Australian tour in May that continues to celebrate of our recent release,
“Midnight Set;” We’re putting the finishing touches on new recordings to release as soon as they feel right; And we’re planning to move to New York for three months (when the snow is definitely gone) for some general exciting life observations while playing music.

Definitely look us up. Definitely. Onto the food, what’s your signature dish?
One Pot Wonder: dahl and rice all cooked at once

We’re all about the one-pot! So what’s the dish you make to impress a girl?
I just do the dishes.

Last question: Describe your ultimate dinner party:
I’d invite Wes Anderson, Bill Murray, Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, and Nina Simone and I’d make a plate of Party Pies with a large-cut salad (with dressing on the side).

Dressing on the side! Chivalry lives! Thanks Mikey, see you over here! Pippa@sousstyle.com xx

Photography by Amanda Fordyce