Kyleigh, Ziggy & Bowie

Pitbull-terrier-chihuahua mix?! Get to know these two little rockstars

While Miss Kyleigh K is known for her humanitarian work and jewelry designs, around SS she’s lauded for her Afghani Cilantro Chutney recipe! This as well as the adorable little Pithuahuas (pitbull-terrier-chihuahua mix!) who followed us around the kitchen that day. We get to know Bowie and Ziggy better below.

So was it a case of, one is not enough I have to get two pups?
Haha! We were actually scoping out all of the shelters for a good medium-size dog—maybe an Australian Shepherd or something. I wasn’t really a small dog type, but then the shelter volunteer led me to these guys and it was love at first snuggle. They burrowed their heads into my arms. The volunteer convinced me that since they were sisters, they shouldn’t be separated and that having two would make it easier as they would play with each other and keep one another company when I was out. He was right!

How are their personalities different?
Completely! Bowie is the alpha: She is the one always getting into mischief. She walks around with her tail high and always in front. She also always makes sure that she is the one cuddled closest in when we’re hanging. Ziggy is more calm, cuddly, and shy. She loves to be held and pet on her belly…she’s a little less sharp than Bowie.

What are they currently obsessed with?
Sneaking out of my fence

Who were they in a past life?
Well, David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust

Makes sense! Where’s their favorite place to run around in Williamsburg?
McCarren Dog Park

Do they have any nemeses at the park?
Haha! They bark at any dog that doesn’t give of good vibes.

And what do you guys talk about?
Mostly, I try to guess what they are thinking.

And if they had a voice, what would it sound like?
Probably Betty Boop

And this one’s for you: Favorite pet and celeb couple?
Peter Dinklage and his dog

Photography by Eric T. White

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