The Market Plate at Piora

Candied squash blossoms, lava beans, pea leaves, oh my!

Even though the Monkey Bread served fresh from the oven and the cocktail list at Piora have many New Yorkers freaking out on the regular, we’re all about Chef Chris Cipollone’s signature market vegetables. The dish, which consists of corn, cherry tomatoes, red onions, lava beans, pea leaves, carrots, and candied squash blossoms, is such a masterpiece we had Coco Pit immortalize it in our latest Illustrated Plate series. Our interview with the chef below!

Hey Chef Chris! Tell us a secret food market in the city…
There are not many secret markets, but the best I find are Korean and Japanese stores with have everything from produce to meats and fish.

Where is the best place to cure a hangover in the city, aside from your restaurant?
Well, my restaurant is for creating hangovers, not curing them, but I do find a burger at PJ Clarke’s always does the trick.

What vegetable are you most excited about using this spring and why?
Right now the morel mushrooms have been fantastic and we are using them in many dishes. The quality is so aromatic and the flavor is deep, almost cheese like when cooked properly.

Which restaurant are you most excited is opening this year?
I am interested in Batard, in the old Corton space. I really want to see what they do with it.

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