Hummus & Hotel Rooms with Elliphant

Her former life in the kitchen & what she would cook one of her biggest fans, Skrillex!

Energetic and provocative, Elliphant‘s (aka Ellinor Olovsdotter) music is the perfect soundtrack for activities like paintball, sky diving, and beating egg whites—it’s fast, energetic, and fun. Having recently released her single “Revolusion,” Elli is now busy touring and recording. We thought we’d catch her in new natural habitat, her hotel room. We caught up with her late last week.

Hi Elli! How are you? Where are you?
Hello! Right now I’m in Los Angeles—I’m recording out here at the moment. I’ve been doing a little performing, I just opened for MIA in Canada…

We saw! It looked like a great gig!
Yes, I’ve been touring for a long time. Before I was here, I was on a six-week tour in Europe, so I spend a lot of time in hotels.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to your room?
I go to bed for a few hours! Then, I get the wifi, take the shampoo and conditioner, and then I meet up with the DJ…

Do you get room service? 
I usually get something to eat after soundcheck. I’m vegetarian so I always have trouble finding good places to eat. I usually just eat a lot of hummus and get my vitamin C from smoothies. Food has always been a big part of my life—I started working in kitchen when I was 15.

Which country has the best hummus?
It’s very good here in America—it’s everywhere and in so many different varieties. In Sweden you have to make your own hummus or they just have one brand. India was also amazing for hummus.

Do you ever make it?
Yes! I love making hummus….

What’s your recipe?
1 can of chickpeas
2 cloves of garlic
2 deci-liters of olive oil. You need much more than you think, the olive oil needs to cover the chickpeas in the blender
Tahini, this is very important.

I love it when it’s really oily, almost buttery. You can also put peanuts and cashews in it. I love mixing things together because they never taste the same. I love carrot soups, red beet soups (putting in cream cheese and horseradish)… I usually eat breakfast for dinner.

What’s been the best hotel party you’ve ever been to?
I’ve been to more good hotel parties than I have breakfasts… if you know what I mean! There’s a a big festival in the south of Sweden called Way Out West and every hotel and restaurant becomes private and it’s just a crazy city during this weekend. All of Stockholm goes down there. I always have a lot of fun.

Do you have any hotel room party tips?
Always put a plastic bag or sock around the smoke detector.

Noted. So we read that Skrillex is really into your music…
Yeah, he called me—he must have got my number from Diplo—and we had a good chat. He came over to Sweden and we hung out for about 10 days.

Is he into food?
I guess, I don’t know. He loves to party and DJ!

If you could cook anything for him, what would you cook?
Potatoes, carrots, different root vegetables all boiled together with tomatoes and garlic—something simple.

So what’s next for you?
I’m going home at the end of the month to hang out with my family and then going on tour. We’re going to release some singles from the EP. There will be a lot of cool new reflections of who I am, not only the crazy Elliphant stuff.

What’s the food like back home?
Stockholm is a great city for food. I started working in one of Stockholm’s best restaurants, Riche, 4 years ago—it’s one of the oldest restaurants in the city. I was getting more and more busy with Elliphant so I began working morning shifts, so, together with another girl, we started a breakfast menu and it’s now the most popular breakfast spots in Stockholm. There are three restaurants by the same owner and they’re all around the center of Stockholm. I always go to these three places when I go home, get some free drinks and some good f-ing food!

Photography by Camilo Fuentealba

Pippa@sousstyle.com xx