Beats & Breakfast with Zoe of ASTR

From the bedroom to the studio—all in one Wake Up Call

Rise and shine! It’s no surprise that today’s SS babe, Zoe, begins her morning routine with a killer playlist and liquid eyeliner. She is, after all, the lead singer of our new fave NY band, ASTR. We did a little elliptical, drank some coffee, and watered the plants for today’s Wake Up Call. The takeaway? Incorporating a “no phone in bed rule” and Rick Ross into our routines is a must! Get a play-by-play on her AM below.

8.00 a.m.  The first thing I do when I wake up is try not to think about what my agenda is, I try to clear my mind and set the tone for the day. This may sound strange but if go straight into checking my phone it will give me anxiety even before I’ve done one thing.

8.14 a.m. Once I get out of bed, I drink some water and then I pour 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a full cup of warm water and drink it down. It’s not super pleasant but it has really helped me manage acid reflux. It keeps me healthy and energized.

8.20 a.m. I hit the elliptical. Cardio helps keep up my stamina for on stage. I also like to cycle between yoga, pilates, and cardio.

8.51 a.m. Then I turn on the jams as I begin my morning routine, usually Rick Ross or Gucci Mane gets me moving quick. I wash my face with Neutrogena Organics because I don’t like to use anything too harsh on my skin.

8.58 a.m. Sometimes it’s a smoothie morning, in those cases I add a little bit of spinach in whatever fruity goodness I can find and will surely feel like a hero. I’m also super down with HU’s gluten-free peanut butter granola. It’s the bomb.

9.12 a.m. If I leave my lair, I always use MAC Strobe Cream blended with their light foundation to get the clean “I’m not wearing any makeup” look. I also wear MAC Liquid Eyeliner in dark brown—all day, everyday, everything! I’m also a big believer in sun protection: La Roche-Posay Sunscreen is my favorite, as it keeps me from feeling oily. I make sure to sunscreen my neck and chest, I feel like people always forget that!

9.20 a.m. My Quay sunnies are a must and once I slip on my Nike Free’s I’m ready to hit the streets.

9.26 a.m. I grab a coffee from NuNu’s—I’m an espresso addict. When I’m on tour I try to eliminate caffeine. Apple cider vinegar is my anti-caffeine.

9.35 a.m. Usually, about now I’ll hustle over to the Lower East Side to make it in time for pilates class. There are only 5 people per class—it’s a semi-private class that blends cardio and pilates. I love it as it tightens everything up for crop top season. But today I need to get onto my e-mails first and then hit the studio.

10.00 a.m. I head home and water the plants: Our manager has a serious green thumb and has taught me a lot about keeping plants alive. It’s a really cool, calming hobby (and to be fair, they are all pretty low maintenance plants.)

10.15 a.m. Time to hit the studio, which is actually in my house. It’s so much easier to record quick vocals at studio at home; no stress of a “bougie” studio! The day has officially started!

Photographs by Dacia Pierson

What songs/artists are on your morning playlist? Share it with SS! E-mail Pippa@SousStyle.com