Shio Ramen at Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop

New Yorkers waited long enough for ramen-legend Ivan Orkin to open a branch of his Tokyo spot in the city. For over a year now, Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop has been serving many variations of the Japanese noodle soup dish consisting of Chinese-style noodles often flavored with soy sauce or miso, and topped with pork and onions. The menu in the Gotham West Ramen shop offers an array of Shio, Shoyu, Donburi, and  Mazemen. Artist Sarah Hankinson captured the orange-yolked egg and the ribboned chashu pork of the shio ramen. Catch our interview with Chef Ivan below, salivate over Sarah’s artwork, and go get your bowl of Shio Ramen ASAP!

Hey Chef Ivan! What is the recipe for the Shio Ramen?
The recipe can be found in the new Ivan Ramen cookbook! The recipe is approximately 40 pages long, so may be a bit much for the web.

Whoa! How would you describe the flavor of your dish in 3 words?
Clean, smokey, and bright

What’s the dish’s key ingredient?
Katsuo bushi (smoked fish) powder

What cocktail would you pair with it?
A Shochu Sour, which we are working on perfecting.

What is a secret food market in the city?
My favorite is Asia Market on Mulberry Street

What vegetable are you most excited about using this season?
We are opening Ivan Ramen on the Lower East Side this Spring with an amazing Chinese Broccoli dish and I can’t wait to serve it.

Who’s a chef we should all be watching?
I can’t wait to see what Katy Sparks is going to do with Tavern on the Green, she is an old friend.

Chef Ivan can’t wait to use Broccoli this season, share your favorite broccoli recipes with us! Email Pippa@SousStyle.com