Kitchen Reno 101 with Brad

Brad tell us how to build our dream kitchen (aka the Food52 kitchen) on a budget....

Did you miss us (him)? Yes, Brad, the star of this week’s #MaleMonday is back in the SS building. This time he’s giving us the skinny on one of his favorite design projects, the very famous Food52 kitchen!

So Brad, pour us another and tell us all about the Food52 kitchen. Major project!
Firstly, how amazing are Amanda and Merril!? I can’t get enough of those two. They always feed me and they both have incredible taste. I’m currently designing their NEW 6,000sq ft space in Chelsea.

They wanted the space to reflect their style, which is collected and refined. All surfaces had to be matte and clean for their food photography. Their cookware collection was another important element to consider. They really wanted it to feel collected with texture and personality. Each piece of cookware has a personal story and they wanted to showcase that.  A lot of them are from their sponsors and Amanda and Merrill’s families; the rest curated from trips to the flea market.

I had a really tight budget. I made six person work tables for only $180 using pre-finished plywood, white edge banding, and sawhorses from IKEA. For shelving in the kitchen, I installed an Elfa System from the Container Store in combination with reclaimed shelving I had milled from a 100-year-old barn in Kentucky. We cut corners wherever we could, without sacrificing the design of the space.

What was the worst and best moment of that job? What did you learn?
They were my first big project. I still can’t get over how much they trusted me. The whole thing was terrifying, but I think I was good at not showing it.

The worst moment was when my contractor disappeared and I had to find a new one immediately. The best moment was a week after the space was finished, when I got to observe the test kitchen in use and people hard at work in their office space.

I learned that the most important part of the design process is listening to your clients, and of course, finding a reliable contractor.

Photography by Eric Moran

Ooh la la! OK, that’s Brad. It’s been lovely. Pippa@sousstyle.com xo