John & His Sweet Chicks

We pack a picnic and later, get a mani, in this v. special Male Monday

How was everyone’s Father’s Day? How many vintage Insta pics of your friends’ dads did you double tap ’cause they were kinda cute? And even though Father’s Day is over for another year, we’re still thinking about DAD. Can you imagine how much you freaked him out when you were all ponytails and juice boxes? Can you imagine how much you freak him out now? Speaking of adorable, hello again John Seymour! When we shot the owner of Sweet Chick last winter, in between record shopping and chicken gnawing, we learned that John not only had three kids, but all of them were the cutest little buttons ever. So we asked John if we could hang out with him and the girls yesterday. Now go get every girl in your office… gather round ladies….

John! Hi! First things first. Congrats on the new Lower East Side shop! When are you gonna put your girls to work? Wait, maybe we should get their names first…
This is Jette, she’s 3, Milann, also 3, and Berry, who’s 19 months.

What’s the story behind their names?
Berry is named after Berry Street in Williamsburg (our neighborhood). Milann is named after a cute little girl my wife and I met on the beach in Trinidad (my wife’s from there) and we just loved the name. And Jette is named after Joan Jett.

Rock ‘n’ roll. What’s the best, worst, and funniest things about being a dad?
The best part is the unconditional love—walking in the house after a stressful day and seeing them bug out. The worst is that no matter what you say or do, sometimes they just won’t listen. And the funniest is their personalities… my kids are crazy and hilarious.

What are some of your fave thing things to do with them?
I love to listening to music with all of them, but it’s the best when we just hang out individually. I love hanging out with them one-on-one at Sweet Chick. I love seeing them chat up the customers.

What are they each obsessed with?
Jette is obsessed with all things PINK… Milann could tell you all about it. At the moment Milann loves to hang out with me at Sweet Chick. And Berry just wants to eat… all the time.

What are their defining characteristics?
Jette is a total girly-girl. She loves to sing Beyonce, Rihanna, and songs from Frozen. Milann is a straight up Daddy’s Girl: She’s a comedian and the boss of the three sisters. Berry’s the toughest, but she just wants to fit in. She’s always copying whatever Jette and Milann are doing.

What do you think they’ll each do when they’re all grown up?
Milann will probably take over my business or do her own thing. Jette will definitely be doing something artistic—I could see her being a photographer and local karaoke champ. Berry will be a women’s UFC champ.

How do you see your father, now that you’ve had kids?
My father only had sons. I think having three girls is so different. It has really taught me the meaning of love. Until you become a dad, your opinion on love has no merit. You can’t explain it and only other dads can understand it.

In retrospect, what advice would you give yourself as a dad?
Dude… take some vacations and enjoy the freedom of no responsibilities! When you become a dad it will be the greatest thing ever… but you will always be on the clock.

Scariest moment as a dad so far:
Anytime they fall or get sick. I can’t imagine how it would feel if something serious happened to them.

Now for a really hard question, what’s the cutest thing they do?
The best is when they snuggle up with me on the couch. Or a little kiss for no reason.

OK last question! Finish this sentence: fatherhood is kinda like: nothing else. The most extreme and important thing you can do.

Photography by Camilo Fuentealba