Shane’s Bushwick Loft

Dude vibes, James Joyce, & baseball nostalgia

Still dreaming of yesterday’s Male Monday, Shane, and his arty, niçoise salad ways? Yeah us too. We’re back with Shane, wandering through his loft this morning. Enjoy!

Hey Shane, so we’re still here. We love this space, how did you find it?
It’s a live-work space. I apologize for the overwhelming male vibes—something I’m currently working on toning down. I don’t want to intimidate female visitors.

We’re a-OK!
The story of the space is novel: I found it on Craigslist kind of randomly. I was extremely lucky to lock it down. Funny thing is I actually knew the artist who had lived here previously, but came upon the post purely by chance. For someone who’s skeptical of such fated events, I couldn’t ignore the significance of the coincidence. It was meant to be. And I am OK with saying that. I’ve loved living here.

Oh and you have lots of books. Name a book that changed your life?
James Joyce’s The Dead. It’s actually a short story. I read it every year around Christmas-time and it makes me weep, which in turn makes me feel better. Like most men, I have trouble understanding my emotions.

Don’t go there girlfriend. What’s with the baseball glove? Tell us the backstory.
As a young Brooklyn teen, I played a lot of baseball. I spent most weekends traveling to Marine Park, Canarsie, and Gerritsen Beach for lengthy doubleheaders and humid evenings over by the Rockaways—baseball then beach. I adore the game! It was an epic part of my life and I’ve always treasured its aesthetic, in particular, the glove—a real extension of the body. Until recently, I’ve been playing a lot of softball, a game that has considerably less male-centric vibes. So the glove is in use from time to time, and I just like the way it looks. There’s some nostalgia for sure.

Photography by Meghan McNeer

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