I’m in Bordeaux, Babe

It's time to get your wine on...

Earlier this year I was blessed to visit Bordeaux which is pretty much the center for all things “good living:” like delicious food, gorgeous wine, and handsome-but-somewhat-aloof Frenchmen. Yeah, I knew I’d feel totally at home. So, here’s a few pointers on what to do when you get there—did someone say #bestlifeever?!

The only way to fly
Air France direct to Paris from wherever you are in the world. I mean, “buckle your seatbelt,” sounds a lot more fabulous in French.

All aboard, now
Once in Paris, head straight to the Rail Europe booth. Get the train direct to Bordeaux, which takes around three hours.

Drink wine here.

Don’t cry for me, Bordeaux
Arrive at the hotel. I decided to check out two hotels during my stay. The Grand Hotel De Bordeaux is very grand, with most rooms overlooking the town square and opera house. It was very chic and I couldn’t help but dream about having my own Evita balcony moment.

Michelin moment
Now go enjoy dinner at the Michelin star Brasserie Le Bordeaux with headphones and spend the entire night taking selfies and writing letters to yourself in ten years time. Self help at the dinner table—I like it.

Insider information
Ask a fabulous French lady from the tourism office to take you around the city in a few hours. She’ll introduce you to some locals and comfort you when they laugh at your mispronunciation of super complicated French phrases like Bonjour and Au re voir.

Drink wine here.

Boutique-y Bordeaux
Head to 
Maison Fredon where I spent the second half of my trip. It’s a boutique hotel located down a side street and opposite a restaurant called La Tupina. How perfect. In fact the entire street is owned by Jean-Pierre Xiradakis where he has also a cafe, bistro, and seafood restaurant. It’s a food and wine lovers’ heaven as it’s literally all at your doorstep!

3 words: duck fat chips
Get dinner at La Tupina, duh! Dried herbs hang from the ceiling, a grandfather clock ticks and an antique fireplace works as a grill, sizzling duck, chicken, and the most incredible duck fat chips ever! The service is outstanding. To be honest, it was the best meal I’ve ever had.

Wino forever
Visit a vineyard and get your wine on! Chateau Pape Clement is spectacular, it’s where you can enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting followed by a generous brunch in the Chateau. It’s such a privilege. I felt very at home here and to honest, I have no idea why they didn’t ask me to stay forever.

Fashionable Frenchmen 
Enjoy a super fresh salad from the restaurant Belle Campagne, which is new-ish and owned by these two gorgeous and fashionable French boys. It’s farm-to-table style and feels kind of like New York, if that’s possible?! It’s very The Fat Radish.

Drink wine here.

Wake-up call, and other fantasies
Get up early, get a coffee, and walk to the farmers market along the Garonne River to enjoy oysters and wine. From there, take your basket full of gorgeous things and enjoy them on a nice patch of grass at a local chateau. The day ends with a delicious dinner, too much red, and sexy time with your lover. Oh la la!

Special thanks to Celine Boute at Tourisme Aquitaine, the beyond amazing Elaine Fintel at Atout France and amazing Pierre-Antonie Batail at Bordeaux Executive Travel. Pippa xo