Cufflinks & Coffee with Nicholas

Australian, ex-football player, works in finance. How does that sound?

Nicholas James Stone, Australian ex-football player, now banker and owner of Bluestone Lane Coffee in New York gets a bunch of stuff done well before most of us finish wrangling with our snooze button. Workouts, coffee dates, celeb-sightings, catch this special MM wake-up call below!

6.15 a.m. I am woken up by my fiancé Alexandra who is always up and ready for morning pilates (she’s an accredited advanced instructor), yoga, running, or gym work. I follow her out and either head to the local gym or head down to the Westside Highway, which is only 2 minutes away.

7.30 a.m. After my workout, I return home to shave, shower, and get dressed. I use either Kiehl’s or Dermalogica toner post shave and moisturizer. That’s it! Oh, and I love Kevin Murphy Gritty business for my hair.

7.45 a.m. Breakfast time. I walk into the kitchen and I’m either fortunate enough to have some breakfast prepared by Zand (muesli with fruit and almond milk) or I make myself a power smoothie!

8.00 a.m. I walk down West 11th and head towards Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe (55 Greenwich Ave & Perry Street in the heart of WV). I say hi to all the Bluestone Lane team, grab a coffee and sometimes a small bite (quinoa porridge, chia pudding or avocado smash with poached egg) to eat. I catch up with Aaron and Ben Rosenberg for a quick update on performance, customer feedback, issues with the store, and other interesting facts.  (We have had a few celebs come in such as Taylor Swift and Susan Sarandon)

8.30 a.m. Jump into a cab to ANZ office at 277 Park Avenue.

9.00 a.m. At my desk and ready for work.

We love a man in a suit! OK, stay tuned for part two of this feature, when Nick cooks for us! Pippa@sousstyle.com