A Venison Steak Salad Made by a Scotsman

Andy's game (& so are we)

Let us paint you a little Male Monday picture: Meet Andy, a Scotsman with a smile that’ll melt your brain. He loves to cook and shoots his own game up on his family’s Highland Estate, he loves to do it in the kitchen and by it we mean, wear a kilt. And at the very end of it all, he even puts on suit vest, tie, and blazer. We hit rewind, courtesy of our UK editors Hemsley + Hemsley, today…

Name: Andy Waugh

Dish made: Venison Steak Salad (a Hemsley & Hemsley inspired recipe!)

Hometown: Ardgay, 1 hour north of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands

Current Location: London

Day Job: Selling wild venison and game

Daily Uniform: Kilt, long sleeved t-shirt

I have a few: Vegan customers who secretly buy my meat. They come every now and again to buy ethical meat. I love it.

In the kitchen, I swear by: A good quality knife and a wooden chopping board.

The taste I couldn’t live without: A mouthful of steak and crispy chips with red wine jus and béarnaise sauce washed down a glass of red wine! That is heaven.

Most incredible dinner out: Dinner by Heston last week. I had the tasting menu with wine and sat at the chefs table. I’m not usually that bothered with high end restaurants but this was absolutely mind blowing! Amazing food, great service, you can see the chefs working and a quick tour around the kitchen. I left with the chefs business card and a request for a price list of products. But most importantly, just great company.

Any hidden talents? I can gut and skin a rabbit in under 10 seconds.

If you’re kitchen could talk, what would it say? Please. No more. Help!

Tell us a little more about The Wild Game CoMeat, street food, popups.
We’re all about promoting great British produce, predominantly venison and game.
The raw meat is a very important part of the business as I want people to cook this stuff at home. However, we are probably better known for our street food and popups.
We have 3 x regular market spots – Broadway Market, Whitecross Street and Berwick Street.

Where did your love of wild game stem from? I was born with it. My family started a game butcher the year I was I born and I grew up with it. I had no choice to like it, as children we were fed it for almost every meal – chicken was a treat! I was pretty lucky growing up, we had the best produce on our door step and a mother who loved to cook.

Winning the Young British Foodies 2012 Street Food Award taught me:
Anything is possible! We did it with no experience in catering and bugger all money. Just a wee loan to buy my chiller cabinet and van along with a bit of dum luck and kilt that gets you noticed.

A beginners guide to eating wild game: what should one know and what would you recommend?
Eat it in expensive restaurants, they usually do a good job. However, I’m all about people cooking at home so I’d recommend some venison haunch steaks (from the topside) and venison Osso buco or diced shoulder for a cracking stew. Always eat venison steak rare or medium rare. It is one of the leanest meats so drys out if you go above medium. Eat pigeon breasts. Pan fried for 2mins on each side medium/medium-rare. Just get stuck inside and have a play with some of the meats. There’s a reason all the top chefs have it on their menus. Don’t be scared of it!

I’m dying to go to: Tokyo. Malaysia. Fat Duck

I love a girl who cooks me: Something out of the ordinary and a chocolate pudding!

My TOP 5 Meals: 
1. Set menu at Bones, Paris
2. Pizza from Saporitalia, London – CHECK OUT OUR REVIEW BELOW :)!
3. Fish from Rick Stein’s, Padstow
4. Dim Sum in Hong Kong
5. Sushi, St. Julian’s, Malta

My motto in life is: Be happy. Make other people feel happy.

Photography by Nick Hooper

Restaurant Vibe: Super laid back, great late on a Saturday when the brunch crowd has cleared out

Favorite item on the menu: Chopped black kale salad and the 5 Leaves burger

Ideal dinner mate: Someone who likes drinking

Insider tip-off: Avoid regular eating hours to avoid giant lines

Rated by: Gillian

Occupation: Professional Glutton

Neighborhood: Greenpoint

Cuisine: Bistro

Last Visited: 07/22/15