Coconut & Turmeric Seafood Stew with Tart London

We take to Tart's rooftop for a little glass noodle deliciousness

Ask anyone who works in fashion, when it comes to photo shoots, it’s all about the catering. So when we heard there were two gorgeous girls creating gorgeous breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for fashionable folks in London, we needed to know more. Hustling from their pop-up kitchens, Jemima and Lucy of Tart have cooked delicious spreads for the likes of LOVE and i-D magazines, British Vogue, Dior, Diesel, and Saint Laurent, and today, they’re cooking for Sous! Catching their Qs below…

Ladies! Tell us, where are you originally from?
Jemima: London
Lucy: Northumberland

And currently living? London

What are you both currently obsessed with?
Jemima: Organizing my wedding—which is pretty surreal
Lucy: I have currently taken up a spot of jogging, which isn’t helped by my pasta obsession and love of very good wine!

So, for the people caught unawares, what are you day jobs: Being a Tart!

And if you weren’t making magic for Tart, what would you be doing?
Jemima: I’d be a pediatrician, which is what I wanted to be when I was little.
Lucy: A photographer. I was one before Tart and I still am, sort of…

What are your daily uniforms?
If working jeans, Converse, and a boyfriends’ jumper … we basically look like scruffy street urchins!

In the kitchen, what you do you both swear by?
Our Japanese knives and fine, fine wine

What’s a taste you can’t live without?
Jemima: I’m a salt and chili addict, oh and garlic too!
Lucy: Basil, lime, and chocolate!

What’s your cooking soundtrack?
A Tart playlist depending on our mood—we have many! Our hangover playlist, it’s nearly weekend playlist, Sunday morning classical playlist

Celebrity chef crush:
Skye Gyngell

Oh, we agree! Love her! Describe your ultimate dinner party:
Seared Asian fillet of beef to start, followed by homemade wild mushroom ravioli with truffles as they are in season. To Finnish a homemade ice cream with spiced plums and homemade chocolate truffles.

What are your first memories of food?
Jemima: Very good Vietnamese in Toronto where I was born, which started my Asian obsession
Lucy: Childhood memories of picking strawberries and raspberries from the garden with my Mom, and wonderful fresh produce as I grew up on a farm.

Top five meals ever, around the world:

1. Vietnam: Pho noodle soup
2. India Kerala: Lobster curry
3. Aeolian Islands: Spaghetti vogole
4. Marrakesh: Lamb tagine
5. London: Anything from Petersham Nurseries

1. Rome: Homemade pasta and truffle
2. Croatia: Fresh oysters
3. Ilha Grande, Brazil: Seared wagu beef
4. Scotland: Fresh smoked salmon
5. New York: Beef burger from the Spotted Pig

What are your mottos?
Think global, eat local

Oh, and what are you making us?
Coconut and turmeric seafood stew with glass noodles. Catch the recipe in our t will be in our cookbook 😉

pippa@sousstyle.com xx

Photography by Bella Howard