Surf Life Living with Bailey

Grab your board & get in the back of the truck

When SS photographer Bailey Roberts told us that she was heading back to the island over the holiday break, we immediately pounced on her for a Wake Up Call. Why? Well, not only is she a total 10, but New York-based Bailey is originally from paradise, otherwise known as Maui. So here’s how they do it in Maui and here‘s a link to Hawaiian Airlines. Enjoy x

6:10 a.m. I hit snooze on my iPhone alarm

6:15 a m. Second alarm sounds, Lion Babe’s “Treat Me Like Fire” starts to play and the sky has turned purpley-pink and orange wash, meaning it’s time to get out of bed, out of the house, and on the road. I put on a little music: right now it’s a toss up between Amadou and Miriam’s Pandora station and the new Polyenso album, One Big Particular Loop.

6:19 a.m.  I brush my teeth, swig down a glass of water, throw on my Lightning Bolt sweatshirt, and hustle out the door with a cup of freshly brewed Maui Coffee Roasters Joe, so I can get in the water pronto!

6:37 a.m.  I meet up with my fellow dawn patrollers and have throw my board in the back of my friend Justin’s truck. I LOVE this board! It is a classic 9ft 3/4in single fin custom-shaped Mark Angell that was made personally for my step dad. When I really started to get into surfing he gave it to me. It’s got these killer narrow rails that really help it maneuver agilely. If the conditions allow, I’ll choose surfing over almost anything… it’s not the healthiest of addictions.

7:03 a.m.  After a hasty smattering of Laura Mercier Tinted SPF moisturizer, Neutrogena 55 SPF for the face, and Clarins 30 SPF eye sunscreen (to avoid getting blinded by it running in the water), I throw my wetsuit on over my Maui Girl bikini and head down to the water. Recently, I’ve been rocking what my friend Danny calls my clownfish wetsuit‚—a multicolored spring suit designed by Cynthia Rowley for Roxy. Something I love about being home is that I start wearing color again—the brighter and crazier the better. Being a chick, it’s fun to have a little femininity in the water, while still protecting your skin from the sun and chill of the early morning wind. It’s cold in Maui in the mornings, even during summer!

7:16 a.m.  I paddle through the channel between Pavils and Middles at Maui’s Ho’okipa beach park. With my buddy Daeja by my side, we chat about how stoked we are to have a Kona winds day, when the water is glassy and crystal clear to the bottom. Something strange about Maui is that on the new moon the wind dies—all other days the wind is so insane out here that it can be frustrating for the surf conditions.

7:21 a.m.  I drop in on my first left of the morning…

9:33 a.m. Finally, hunger drags Daeja and I out of the water and into Paia town. I throw some Tahiti Manoi in my hair and John Masters moisturizing serum on my face—a valiant attempt to make the salt and sun’s general wear and tear a little bit gentler and sexier!

9:43 a.m.  We stop by Mana Foods, the best health food store on island, and pick up some grinds (food): papaya from Justin’s Tree, some tofu sushi, and a little pineapple juice.

9:57 a.m.  After cruising around town, Daeja and I end up at Paia Bay Coffee to grab some soy lattes and as you do on a small island like this, we run into a million friends.

10:27 a.m.  To end the morning, we head to Baldwin Beach for a little chill time and a beach walk, stopping at some our favorite little spots along the way. I’m currently reading Alexander Masik’s You Deserve Nothing and have brought this along for a read. This is my favorite way to start any and every day!

Photography by Daeja Fallas