Inside the Men’s Locker Room with David

From the running track to the kitchen...

Just because it’s 30 something out doesn’t mean we can’t force our Male Monday into short-shorts and make him do chin-ups while we happily sip lattes on the sidelines, OK? And just who is our latest victim? The very handsome and healthy David Sciola—writer and creator of The Paleo Model, a site dedicated to the Paleo Diet. Now, usually the word diet has us reaching for our iPhones so that we can “check our e-mails” (aka idly scroll through our Instagrams) but there was something about David’s lifestyle we wanted to know more about, that and the fact that he’s super cute. Enjoy x

OK, let’s start with the basics: Age, star sign, hometown, and occupation:

Age: 28

Hometown: Melbourne

Occupation: fashion model/nutrition junkie/writer and creator of The Paleo Model

Star sign: Aries

A real-live slashie! What would you say is your defining characteristic? Leadership

As a teenager who did you worship?
Arnold Schwarzenegger… goes to show you the benefits of maturity.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?
“Hotel California” by the Eagles, which is so far beyond my singing capabilities that I should be banned from singing it for life.

What are you currently obsessed with?
Perfecting my Classics playlist on Spotify

Why did you move to NY?
When I first came to New York seven years ago as a green 21-year-old Aussie, I felt like the blinkers had been removed from my head. Within days of arriving I knew I wanted to live here some day. Events transpired that I had a good opportunity to move here last year and I jumped on it. Now I get to call New York City home and I find that very cool.

Favorite restaurant in New York?
Siggy’s in NoHo. They do a salmon burger that is 100% wild-caught salmon with no fillers, on a gluten-free bun or salad with avocado and baked sweet potato wedges. It is unbelievable. How often can you stuff yourself with a burger and feel amazing afterwards?

So, thanks to your modeling career, you’ve traveled a bit. Where have you had your best food experience?
My father is Italian and I have family in regional Abruzzo who grow wine grapes for a living. I traveled down from Milan to stay with my Dad’s cousins in this tiny town of 500 people, nestled between the Adriatic ocean and the Apennine mountains—it’s stunning. Each year they rear one pig on their property and slaughter it in winter. Zia Christina cooked a fat pork chop for me on the open fire in her kitchen and I died and went to heaven. Fortunately I was resurrected the next day in time for caffè e cornetto. Their lifestyle is boring as hell but their cuisine is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. I count my lucky stars that I was brought up with their love and respect for food.

And now for the hardest-hitting question of the interview: What is it like living in a model house? Is it actually like Zoolander?
Living in a male model apartment is about as glamorous as going to a port-o-potty. Consider sharing a two-bedroom, one bathroom apartment in Milan with seven 18-year-old Brazilian, American, and Russian guys for two weeks. And the girls are even worse…

Gross. What’s the weirdest modeling scenario you’ve been in?
I haven’t shared this with many people…

It’s OK, nobody’s reading this, go on…
Once I shot a music video with Nicki Minaj in LA for “Where Them Girls At” by David Guetta. I was cast as a model but somehow the other three guys were professional dancers. I was unwittingly coerced into a full-on choreographed hip-hop dance sequence around Nicki (who is a massive diva by the way). Now, I am good at many things, but dancing is definitely not one of them. I proceeded to awkwardly spasm in front of the camera, trying desperately to avoid the frame. Needless to say it was not my finest moment, but fortunately the lighting was very dark!

Excuse us while we YouTube that video and find a way to zoom in. So, finish this sentence: Male models are… way cooler, normal, and down to earth than you would think.

How and when did you get into the nutrition world?
I’ve been passionate about nutrition since it changed my life as a teenager. When it comes to health, lifestyle is everything. When it comes to lifestyle, nutrition is everything.

What is the Paleo diet? Can we wine drink while on it?
It’s a template for eating that revolves around real, whole foods in their natural state such as wild-caught seafood, pastured beef, pork, poultry and eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. It’s not about replicating a hunter-gatherer diet but instead focusing on pre-agricultural, unprocessed foods that we have evolved to eat over thousands of generations and eschewing modern industrial foods such as wheat flour, corn syrup, and soybean oil.

If you ask me there is certainly a place for alcohol on the Paleo diet. Paleo is about optimizing health; not restricting your lifestyle. I favor good tequila and red wine (not together!) for my drinks of choice.

You have our attention. So, if you were to break your Paleo diet, what would be the first thing you would devour?
Paleo is my life so I don’t consider it a diet. I often eat foods that would be strictly considered “non-Paleo.” The only one thing I am 99.9% strict on is gluten, I avoid that s*** like the plague. So, my go-to “non Paleo” foods include corn chips, beer and ice cream.

Taste you can’t live without: black coffee

In the past, how have you met girls? I’m pretty shy so I wait for them to approach me

First thing you notice about a girl? Their aura. Just kidding… body

Finish this sentence: Men just want: to be respected

And, women just want: to be loved

Photographs by Dacia Pierson

What do you think, ladies? Are we ready to Paleo? Comment below! Stick around for the finished product and Dave’s recipe this afternoon. pippa@sousstyle.com