Sister Sister

i-D editor Alice & stylist Catherine share their fave food things

Name: Catherine Newell-Hanson with sister Alice Newell-Hanson

Current Location: Chinatown, NYC

Day Job: Stylist

My daily uniform is: At the moment, lots of printed trousers like leopard and striped jeans with a simple shirt or T-shirt. Sometimes heels, although…

I have a few: Good pairs of flats and it’s changed my life.  I ride my bike everywhere, and I think I have more fun—you don’t have to plan nights around your inability to walk medium distances.

In the kitchen, I swear by: Good olive oil and balsamic vinegar, good salt—Maldon sea salt, or salt from the Camargue—and decent bread and butter.

The taste I can’t live without: Too many!  A cold glass of champagne, caramel plus salt, tomatoes in season with fresh basil, and cheese.

Most incredible dinner out: La Chassagnette is the best meal I can remember.  It was an organic restaurant in the Camargue, near Arles in the South of France.  They grew their own vegetables outside the restaurant and they made me a completely vegetarian tasting menu, about 30 tiny courses.

The best meal I’ve had recently in New York was at the Little Owl.  Their vegetarian plate is amazing and thoughtfully done, and all the food is fresh and in-season.

I’m dying to go to: Noma in Copenhagen.

My favorite recipe is: Spaghetti al Limone.  A close second is penne alla puttanesca.

The home-cooked meal I miss most is: Lemon souffle made by my grandmother, and beet risotto made by my mother.  I’m from England, so I miss good Indian food in general.

Who’s the real chef in the family? Our mother is a great cook.  She raised her three children totally vegetarian.  It was only after I left home that I fully appreciated her skill and imagination in doing this. At the other end of the spectrum, our grandmother bakes and taught us to make fairy cakes, which are the English equivalent of cupcakes.  They are a bit lighter and smaller and taste like a madeleine, a bit more eggy in taste rather than sugary.  You can scoop out the top, slice it in two, and invert the halves to make wings, which you secure with a teaspoonful of jam, and its a “butterfly cake.”  But the chief pleasure in making them was licking the batter from the empty bowl with a wooden spoon.  That was probably the first recipe I learned by heart.

If I could cook for anyone: I would cook for my friends.  Its been a while since I had a dinner party, and I love to do it.  Alice is a great cook and always helps me.  I try to get everyone to play games after dinner.

My top 5 (6!) meals:

1.  Roberta’s pizza in Bushwick, Brooklyn

2.  Tacos rajas at La Superior in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

3.  Afternoon tea at Tea and Sympathy on Greenwich Avenue in NYC

4.  Zucchini blossoms at Il Buco on Bond Street in NYC

5.  Falafel from any of the falafel shops on the Rue des Rosiers in Paris

6.  The macrobiotic plate at Souen in NYC

My motto: I have a new one which I am currently trying out:  “zero stress.”  Its a work in progress.  I also like this Oscar Wilde quote also, for when I’m feeling self-conscious:  “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

For Catherine’s recipe email me, Pippa@sousstyle.com

Photography by Daniel King