More Parties, More Food & More Fun with Louise Chen

Dancing in the kitchen with Girls Girls Girls

Hit the About section on the Facebook of Girls Girls Girls and you’ll understand why we love them: And we quote, A party designed by girls, for girls, with girls. Perfect. But who are they? Well, they are Giuletta (aka Piu Piu), Betty, and Louise, forming a Paris-based, international-loving music and design collective. The girls make us fried egg quinoa and a guacamole today but stay tuned for dessert, coming soon!

Wait! So, how did you gals meet?
At a party and booze-y dinner!

That’s how all great things start! Describe the ultimate GGG night out:

Dinner at a good restaurant, Grenadine, and a lot of good music and dancing! We like to wear comfortable clothes when we go out, but we’ll do our hair, makeup, and maybe jazz things up with some accessories, or something a bit sexy and revealing.

Describe the Paris party scene in three words:
Bubbling, fun, and eclectic

And the New York scene?
Incessant, underground, wild!

Where’s the ideal city to party in during summer?
New York, London, or any city with a nice beach

What are your current top 3 songs to turn up the dance floor?
1. “Journey to Kepler” by French Fries
2. “La Noche Perfecta” by Nova Y Jory
3. “Miss Modular” by Reflector Pack

After a late party, where do you go to eat in Paris?
We like to go to La Poule au Pot. It’s a classic french chicken after hours spot. We really wish Veselka would just open in Paris though—borscht and pierogis over everything! We also go to Babylone, an amazing African restaurant that has pictures of Waka Flocka on the wall, as well as and amazing chicken and bananas.

OK, I’m in town with my girlfriends, where should we go to eat?
1. L’Orient d’Or: This is our favorite Chinese restaurant. It looks like nothing on the outside but they serve the best simple dishes. This place made us LOVE cabbage!
2. Anahi: An Argentinian restaurant that serves delicious beef and ceviche!
3. Le Cherche Midi: An Italian restaurant known for its spaghetti alle vongole
4. Richer: Get the burrata!
5. Anahuacalli:The guys have the best Mexican food in paris and awesome margaritas!

Who’s the pickiest eater of the three of you?
Giulietta! Because she’s allergic to Gluten. But she’s made us sensitive to the topic and now we’ve all become quite choosy with our food. None of us are the perfect people to go chef tasting with!

What’s coming up for GGG in 2014?
More of everything! More parties, more music, more events, more merchandise, and more fun!

Photography by Karl Hab

Stick around for the recipes and more with the girls (girls girls) this afternoon! pippa@sousstyle.com