Hemsley + Hemsley Get Patriotic

Bangers and mash with a twist, cream tea and a cheeky Pimms

Names: Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley

Hometown: Kingston, Surrey, UK

Current Location: London

Day Job:
J: Consultant and owner of Hemsley & Hemsley; food writer for Vogue UK
M: Cook and owner of Hemsley & Hemsley; food writer for Vogue UK

On the Menu: Bangers and Mash with a twist. And for dessert, our take on cream tea. (Stay tuned for the recipes!)

Daily Uniform:
J: If I’m cooking, anything that’s easy to wash! If I’m at meetings or consulting then I love something patterned like Isabel Marant, B-Store and Liberty’s.
M: A dress and trainers (and most days an apron)

I have a few:
J: Tea towels (about 30) and spatulas (5).
M: Too many unread books

In the kitchen, I swear by:
J: My Cuisinart Slowcooker
M: Fresh herbs, a good grater and someone else to kindly wash up

The taste I couldn’t live without:
J: Salt and Vinegar
M: Lemons

I’m dying to go to:
J: Noma, Copenhagen for dinner. Otherwise, India or Japan to explore
M: Mexico and Thailand

Must have serving items:
J: My mum’s roasted chillies in cold pressed oil, a bowl (I like ‘sloppy’ food) and a tea towel
M: I try my best to let people serve themselves from the cooking pots and pans to save on washing up (but they’re good looking pots and pans!)

(Artist/Song) Always on the playlist:
J: I love Radio 6. I don’t play favourite songs too much – I like to save them for times of need e.g. Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan
M: Classical FM when I’m cooking on my own pre-party and then some Sam Cooke when everyone else arrives and complains about my music

Photography by Michal Zajaczkowski and Nick Hopper

Coming up later the girls share their top 5 tips for hosting/throwing a dinner party…! Watch this pretty space!

Pippa x