Curlers, Crosswords & Coffee with Lisa

With her Yale pedigree, Park Ave address & mermaid hair Lisa Sun is too perfect!

When SS gal-pal Tiffany J. Davis rolled up at Lisa’s Manhattan hotel apartment (yep, she lives in a hotel, y’all), Lisa was nothing but smiles and rollers. We popped by to spy on her morning rituals, swap beauty tricks, and even got a peek into the ins and outs of her “Ten Perfect Dresses” label, Project Gravitas—conveniently located in her living room.

4:30 a.m. Dual alarms on both my iPhone and Blackberry go off. I allow myself one snooze cycle, per device :)

5:07 a.m. Still in bed. I consult my laptop for my checklist from the day before, usually prioritized by importance and urgency.

5:26 a.m. I choose one or two things I’m going to work on before the day starts and review my schedule to try and slot in when I can get important tasks done. I love the quiet of the early morning when the city is still asleep and I feel I have the permission to be thoughtful about the day ahead. My rule is no e-mails yet—just good thinking!

6:33 a.m. E-mail, playlist, and coffee time! I make a pot of coffee, put on one of my favorite playlists, and power through my e-mails. Because I’m usually in meetings or in our Garment District factory during the day, I try to respond to as much as I can first thing in the morning. I love to Sort by Sender so that I get back to each of the folks on our team so they can start their day with key decisions or input.

7:42 a.m. Shower. While I’m blow-drying my hair and putting in my curlers, I skim two newspapers and try to finish the New York Times daily crossword puzzle (at least Monday-Wednesday when the puzzles are easier!). Moisturize and prime with Caudalie (eye), Charlotte Tilbury (face), and CoverFX (primer).

8:10 a.m. Get dressed! I usually lay out my clothes the night before and hang them on a garment rack in my room. Recently, I’ve taken on our company challenge to wear one of our dress styles (today it’s the Simone dress) for 30 days, with 10% of the proceeds going to the CFDA Foundation. The fun part is picking out great jackets and accessories.

8:15 a.m. Before my team starts arriving for the day (our 9-person team works from my living room!), I do the dishes, wipe down all of the tables, and sweep the floors. I want everyone to come in happy and ready for the day.

8:30 a.m. Finishing touches. I put on my make-up (CoverFX Total Cover Cream Foundation, NARS concealer, Le Metier de Beaute bronzer, Bite primer and lipstick), take out the rollers, pick out my jewelry for the day from my accessories cabinet, and grab a pair of fabulous heels (Burberry Prorsum are my favorite right now because they’re comfy, stylish, and sky-high).

8:45 a.m. Walk from my bedroom to my living room to start the day with my team. Our Customer Experience Manager, Susanna, is always the first to arrive because our call center hours start at 9 a.m. every day. Freshen up my coffee cup downstairs and head to my first meeting (usually in our 38th street factory)!

Now that is what we call a power morning! Favorite LBD moment of all time? We’re gonna start the list with Audrey Hepburn… E-mail us or comment below! Pippa@sousstyle.com and gillian@sousstyle.com.