Shane & His Nudes in Brooklyn

Oh & a little niçoise too...

A few people have asked how a Male Monday happens. Where do I find them? What’s the process? Is it via a series of challenges, online dating site stalking, or are these dudes I actually want to date myself? To be entirely honest, Male Mondays happen in the most spectacular, ordinary, and extraordinary ways possible.

For example, last week I was at my local coffee spot when I noticed a handsome guy sketching something that resembled a house. Ohhh, what’s that?! I thought. I walked past him but then had to stop. Could this guy be a Male Monday? I mean, he was nice to look at and going off his sketch it appeared as though he was quite talented. So I walked back and bluntly asked him, “Sorry to interrupt, but what do you do?” “I’m an architect slash artist,” he said. Fantastic. It was done and that’s how we met Shane. A real life Brooklyn-loft-dwelling artist slash architect and a pretty nice guy. Yeah, I practically walked into an episode of Girls. The first thing I noticed about Shane’s space? The countless, gorgeous females nudes circling the space, but before you cock an eyebrow, they were his paintings. We talk food, girls, and why he’ll never wear an architects’ uniform…

Hey Shane! Let’s start with the stats:
Height: 6’ 2”
Age: 31
Star sign: 
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Architect and painter

Why do you have so many naked ladies around?
Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved working from observation. For me, the power of the drawn line is fueled by its connection to sight. I really enjoy looking at the world around me—so why not couple this enthusiasm with a subject matter that’s similarly enjoyable?

Besides the obvious, what do you love about a woman’s body?
It’s really that women’s bodies are more seamless than men’s. Men have compartmentalized frames where transitions are deliberate and forceful. They’re less subtle, and considerably more rigid. Women’s bodies maintain a series of uninterrupted contours that are complex, dynamic, and beautiful. I like seamless things.

If you could paint anyone or anything what would it be?
A truck. I love painting trucks. I have very little idea why.

Who are you favorite creatives and artists?
Not in any particular order: Roberto Bolaño, Robert Irwin, Richard Diebenkorn, Francesco Borromini, George Bellows, Mobb Deep, and Christian Marclay.

Let’s go deep for a second. What’s most important to you? What excites you in people and life?
Taking risks, surprises, and ending up someplace I never thought I would.

What’s the one thing about you that we’d never guess?
If I grow my beard, out it’s predominantly red.

So you’re also an architect. How and why did you get into it?
I wanted to be like every other architect and rule the world. No, but for real, a slightly more convincing story is that my interest in architecture evolved naturally from a childhood love of drawing. I really just followed a trail of people and experiences and ended up an architect. I like that it wasn’t overly preconceived—it was super natural. I love working with constraints. However, I shun the overall fashion aesthetic, in particular thick framed black glasses.

On a normal weekend in Brooklyn, what are you doing?
Well, my girlfriend, Claire, just bought a bike, so we’ve been actively navigating Brooklyn with her new set of wheels. For a newbie, she can really move! So, we can really access the borough. Saturday nights we dance.

Back to the girl stuff. What’s the first thing you notice about a girl?
Her wit and the kind of shoes she’s wearing

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for a girl?
A night at the loft is as romantic as it gets…

Oh la la! First crush?
Lily Wheelwright, from second grade

Cute! Now food! Fave meal?
My mom’s lamb chops complemented (only in winter) with butternut squash

Fave dessert? Spumoni

Fave drink? Stone IPA on draft

Motto in life? No excuses. Just results.

Oh and I forgot, what did you cook for us again?! A niçoise salad

Photography by Meghan McNeer