Nicole Trunfio’s Killer Pasta

A supermodel with a plea for Ryan Gosling

Name: Nicole Trunfio

Hometown: Perth, Western Australia

Current Location: NYC

I’m amazing at making: Any pasta dish, and breakfast

My daily uniform: Denim shorts and a T-shirt, or a flowy white top

This week, I’m cooking for:
I’m throwing a dinner party for all of the people in town for Christmas.  This is my first Christmas in New York so I am really excited to cook for all my friends.

In the kitchen, I swear by: Organization!

I dance to: Old soul, and hip-hop: Robert Johnson, Etta James, Sam Cook, Lead Belly and Odetta to name a few.

I can’t stop buying: Furniture for my new apartment

Being a model means I must: Take lots of vitamins, drink lots of water and take care of my body.  It’s important to keep a healthy and positive outlook on my lifestyle

The food I miss from Australia: Steak and cheese meat pies, gourmet sausage rolls and a good Aussie Salad Sandwich

The perfect breakfast: My signature “Egg Burger,” which consists of a toasted English muffin soaked in garlic aioli with an egg cooked over-easy, and ham with truffle salt.  You can accompany it with arugula or avocado, whichever you prefer.

Carbs are: Good in moderation!

The taste I can’t live without: Garlic

If I could cook for anyone: I’d cook for Ryan Gosling, because they say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I would cook, for an appetizer, a small portion of white truffle pasta, than I would roast a chicken with potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potato, all caramelized with the most amazing gravy ever. On the side I’d serve a simple arugula salad with parmesan cheese. Offer is on the table, Ryan (wink wink).

My most treasured possession: My dog Lou Lou

My imagination is stirred by: Music, film and design

My go-to comfort food: Bolognese piled up with lots of midnight moon cheese

Top 5 Meals:
1. Brasserie Lipp in Paris

2. Noti in Barcelona

3. Nobu in Malibu, CA

4. Bar Pitti in New York

Photography by Lianna Tarantin