Surf, Sun & Pumpkin Fun with Dan

Let Daniel carve your pumpkin

Name: Daniel Kent

Currently living: Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Star sign: Piscean

Age: 29

Daily uniform: The same brown shirt and the same blue jeans

Day job/night job: By day I research herbs and botanicals for extractions, tinctures, bitters, vermouths, and tonics for my night job, which is tending bar at Locanda Vini e Olii—a 130-year-old pharmacy in Brooklyn turned Italian eatery and apothecary.

Describe your music in three words: Loney, stoney, and droney

I have a few… Days off. Let’s go

Best wave you’ve ever caught: In Maine in the Bates—the Morse conservation area. It was a decent three mile hike over a mountain with a nine-foot longboard and gear on my shoulders to arrive at this crazy majestic spot. I camped solo for a week there on a hammock with a mosquito net (recommended) and found this perfect right peeler in the dead of summer when the rest of the east coast was completely flat.

Your apartment is INCREDIBLE, how did you go about decorating it: A lot of it is found or passed on to me from friends and family. I don’t really think too much about decorating my apartment so much as taking these things that I see as gifts and try and sort them out in a peaceful way in an otherwise hectic life.

Best Halloween outfit you’ve ever seen: This kid whose parents dressed him as a transformer.

Favorite scary movie: I think it’s just because of the age I watched it, Stephan King’s It. This movie will always be my pop culture psych-out. Other super disturbing movies I’ve seen since I’m older are certainly unsettling but way less chilling than that damn clown. “Want your boat Georgie?!… Everything down here floats!”

Describe your ultimate fall day: A good early-morning surf, a good lunch in the fall sun, and a good cuddle.

Favorite fall cocktail: A classic cocktail called a Rob Roy, it’s basically a Manhattan with a peaty Scotch. Smoky, spiced, and sweet.

Most prized possession: My 1956 Favilla acoustic guitar. When I moved to Brooklyn 4 years ago I forgoed buying a bed for months to buy this super rare incensed mahogany pony of a six string that plays like the bells of Sunday.

Dream dinner party: Alexander Jackson and myself. With red wine, braised meat, and two single shot pistols, mise en place.

Top 5 best meals:
1. Zenkichi in Williamsburg where you get treated like Japanese royalty
2. Zaragozas on Avenue A. Go there, turn up the jukebox, and dance the bachata while popping bottles of Corona with your amigos.
3. In Italy, I recommend Lola’s in Florence… (aka “il Chicco di caffè)
4. In Indonesia, sate ayam with mie or nasi goreng with that spicy peanut sauce from the guy on the pushcart.
5 Or, anything I make for you with the least ingredients from my refrigerator, well late into the night.

My motto: Always leave it better than you found it

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Photographs by Bailey R. Roberts