Say Cheese to this Wicked and Delicious Soup

A medley of gruyère and cheddar? Enough said

Illustration by Kelly Waters

Outerland’s Grilled Cheese and Parsnip and Roasted Garlic Soup
with Pickled Shallots and Brown Butter Sage

This popular San Francisco–based farm-to-table hot spot serves up the ultimate OTT dish for hedonistic lovers of cheese and garlic and butter—and is there really anything else in life? We don’t think so.

“The flavor and uniqueness of our grilled cheese comes mostly from our bread which I personally make every day. We fill it with a medley of cheeses including gruyère and cheddar which we then cook on cast iron planchas in the oven. My favorite way to enjoy our grilled cheese is with our dry-farmed early girl tomato soup which is only around when those amazing fruits are in season. A cold Lagunitas IPA seals the deal.” –Dave Muller, co-owner of Outerlands

For The Soup:
3lb parsnips, peeled and diced
2ea large carrots, peeled and diced
2ea large onions
4 cloves garlic, crushed
1/4lb butter
1c olive oil
1/2 of a preserved meyer lemon
1t toasted coriander seed
1t toasted fennel seed
1/2 of a thai chili, crushed small
3qt vegetable stock or water

Add the onions and olive oil to a soup pot large enough to hold all ingredients. Place on a burner on medium high heat. When the onions start to sizzle stir and continue to every so often until they start to turn an even brown color. Turn down the heat slightly and continue until the onions become a deep brown and are soft and sweet. Add in all remaining ingredients, a heavy dose of salt, cover, and bring to a simmer. When all vegetables are very soft puree until very smooth adjusting seasoning and thickness to preference. Pass through a fine sieve if possible.

For The Garnish:
1/2lb butter
4bu sage, picked, stems discarded

Place the sage leaves and butter in a saute pan cold. Add a small pinch of salt. Turn burner on high. When butter is just melted start stirring continuously until you smell a nutty aroma and the butter solids have evenly browned. Immediately pour in to a heat resistant bowl or container to stop the cooking process

For The Pickled Shallot:
4ea large peeled shallots
1/2c rice wine vinegar
1/2c champagne vinegar
2c water
2T sugar
1T salt
6ea juniper berries
1 clove garlic
10ea black peppercorns
2ea bay leaves

slice the shallot in very thin rings and place in a heat resistant container. combine all other ingredients in a sauce pot and bring to a boil. Pour boiling liquid over shallots and let sit to cool to about room temperature. remove shallots from pickle before serving

To Serve:
Ladle 8oz hot soup in to a soup bowl. Spoon a generous amount of the sage and browned butter over the surface. Sprinkle pickled shallots as desired