Morning Coffee Hit with Thomas in Paris

Drinking GOOD coffee makes you sexy!

Name: Thomas Lehoux

Dish made: Some bread from Du Pain et des Idées Toasted, Ricotta, “fricassé” of Mushroom, Parsley

Hometown: Le Vieil Baugé, Loire Valley, France

Current location: North Paris

Day Job: Barista (coffee maker), Ten Belles Paris

Daily Uniform: Pair of Converse

I have a few: Emails to answer

In the kitchen, I swear by: Madison, she’s my head chef

The taste I couldn’t live without: The sweetness of an espresso

Favorite place ever traveled and why: Poland, lost in translation.

The best things about Paris are: It’s a village and I can ride my bike everywhere

If you could make coffee for anyone, who would it be: To my career counselor at school

Can you tell us more about Ten Belles and how you started it? Ten Belles opened in  September, it’s a partnership between the team of Le Bal Café (which is a restaurant with a British style of food) and me about the coffee.

And what about the new coffee scene in Paris? The Paris coffee scene was hard to start, we spent 4 years of organizing coffee events before people started to talk about us. Now we’ve made a point and it’s time to rock.

If your kitchen could talk, what would it say? Yes, My kitchen is talking, they’re called Madison and Mardi and they say “Service Please”

All time favorite places to go:

For a date: L’Entrée des Artistes

To hang out with friends: Cork and Cavan (an English Pub on the canal)

To get a drink: Mary Celeste for the cocktails and oysters

To have a fancy meal: Le Bal Café

To go out and party : L’Inconnu at the cave with a gin & tonic

My motto in life is: Drinking GOOD coffee makes you sexy!

Photography by Francois Cavelier