Sarah Britton in Copenhagen

My New Roots, Copenhagen and Too Many Dreams about Cooking

Name: Sarah Britton

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Current Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Day Job: Author of My New Roots, vegetarian chef, holistic nutritionist, recipe developer, writer, photographer and some graphic design on the side.

Daily Uniform: Something I can wipe my hands on.

I have a few: Too many dreams about cooking. It’s all I think about – even in my sleep.

Best thing(s) about Copenhagen: Biking. Everywhere.

In the kitchen, I swear by: My ceramic knife

The taste I couldn’t live without: Extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil

Most incredible dinner out: My favorite way to enjoy food is straight from the source. When I travel I like to either visit a farm or a local market, buy some seasonal goods and prepare them accordingly. This often means instead of going out for a meal, I cook for myself. But what could be better than that?

If I could cook for anyone: I’d make The Raw Brownie for my dad, mister chocoholic.

I’m dying to go to: Mysore, India to eat at V. Sandhya’s famous Sattvic restaurant.

Top 5 meals:

1. Wild mushroom and truffle risotto dished out from the inside of a giant parmesan wheel at Mas Provencal in Eze, France. Ridiculous.
2. Mediterranean lentils and roasted beet carpaccio at Elf in Los Angeles, California
3. Moroccan breakfast cakes + jams with mint tea, dates, and fresh orange juice at Riad Jomana in Marrakesh, Morocco.
4. Sweet potato, caramelized onion and spinach omelet with greens at Aunties &Uncles, Toronto, Ontario.
5. Enchiladas con mole and quesadillas de calabaza at Gracias Madre in San Francisco.

My motto: Follow your bliss.

Photography by Mikkel Stange