Octopus Salame at Rosemary’s

Think you know salami? Guess AGAIN!

Rosemary’s Octopus Salame is on their brunch, lunch, and dinner menu, that’s  how good this salami situation. And hey, guess what? You don’t have to line up at the West Village restaurant to get a taste anymore—you can now make it at home! We interviewed Chef Wade Moises below, but first, let’s all throw some love at Melbourne-based illustrator Luci Everett who illustrated the dish for us!

Hey Chef Wade! How would you describe your salame’s flavor in three words? Sweet, sour, umami

And the key ingredient?
Besides Octopus, it’s Aranciata Italian soda.

OK, whoa we did not see that coming… What cocktail would you pair with it? A Negroni

Tell us about a secret food market in the city?
Are there any more secrets in the city? Doubtful, the Internet makes these secret spots more accessible to the masses! I do like Sunrise MartKalustyans in Manhattan, and in Brooklyn, The Flower Deli on Atlantic Avenue and Gourmet Fresh on Court Street.

OK and final Q: Where’s the best place to cure a hangover in the city, aside from Rosemary’s? Abilene in Caroll Gardens

Octopus Salame:

3 Octopus, wash, head off
4 oz extra virgin olive oil
Orange zest
2 bay leaves
2 Garlic cloves, crushed
Octopus liquor, strained
Red wine vinegar
4 oz Gelatin sheets

1. Combine octopus juice with vinegar and soda, simmer.
2.Bloom gelatin in cold H2O
3.Whisk gelatin into simmering liquor to hydrate
4. Season Gelatin liquor with salt to taste.
5. Place Octopus in small bain-marie, and pour gelatin liquor over octopus.
6. Compress with quart container wrapped in plastic. Chill for 12 hours to fully set gelatin.
7. Unmold Carefully as Follows: Run paring knife around edge of terrine to free from sides, and run hot water over bain to loosen gelatin. Invert bain and carefully slide out mold.
8. wrap terrine and chill to reset outer layer of gelatin
9. Slice thinly on slicer and shingle on deli sheet
10. Top with another deli sheet and refrigerate for service

Chef Wade cures his hangovers in Abilene in Caroll Gardens. Let us know where you pay the consequences of your night out. Email Pippa@SousStyle.com