Eden Grinshpan’s Pret-a-Pita-Party

The Cooking Channel host whips up an Israeli feast

The Spread

Lamb Kebabs with mint and pine nuts
Quinoa Tabouli
Blood Orange and Beet Salad with fresh mint and feta
Fire-Roasted Eggplants
Harissa Falafel
Whole Roasted Cauliflower
Za’atar Laffa, Plain and Whole Wheat Pita
Hummus, Tahini, Labaneh with Za’atar
Zhoug (spicy green sauce) and Amba (mango chutney)
Halva Sundaes with tahini, toasted pistachios and melted bittersweet chocolate

The Cocktail

Middle Eastern Pomegranate Punch (Made by Sam Ross of Attaboy)


Name: Eden Grinshpan

Occasion: Eden’s Pita Partay!

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Current Location: New York City

Day Job: Television Host

Daily Uniform: Skinny blue jeans, boots and a vintage tee

I have a few: Antique necklaces, vintage mini skirts, flowy summer dresses and tons of boots

In the kitchen, I swear by: Olive oil, Greek yogurt, fresh lemons and limes, herbs, and spices

The taste I can’t live without: Sweet… Everything is better with honey or maple syrup on it (;

My imagination is stirred by: My travels and trying new foods and dishes

If you could cook for anyone… I would cook for Tina Fey, because she is brilliant and I would love to meet her. I would probably bake her a chocolate babka – you just can’t go wrong with that; one of my faves.

If your kitchen could talk, what would it say? “Can I have a day off?”

I like to dance to: The soundtrack of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” or “Dance Mix 94

This week I’m cooking for: My sisters – lucky for me they live in NYC.

Studying at Le Cordon Bleu in London taught me: Technique and the basics of classic French cuisine.

Favorite place ever traveled: India, Thailand, Vietnam and Prague. I fell in love with those countries, cultures and the foods that I tried while traveling there.

Watching the Food Network taught me: That I loved it so much it was the career that I wanted to pursue.

In your search of amazing ethnic cuisine, what has surprised you the most: How many cuisines there are that I’ve never tried before, and how much I love them!

My TOP 5 Meals

1. Mango sticky rice in Bangkok, Thailand
2. Salty cheese burekas from Tel-aviv, Israel
3. Thali Plate in Hampi, India
4. Pho in Hanoi, Vietnam
5. Ham and cheese baguette in Paris, France

My motto in life is: You only live once! Take advantage of every opportunity and go forward with all that you have.

Photography by Lianna Tarantin