Style & Ceviche with Bernardo in Mexico

A delicious recipe from a delicious guy

You guys remember Bernardo’s hot wheels, right? Well, we’ve saved the best for now. After a visit to the market to pick up the ingredients, we zipped back to Bernardo’s sunlit Condesa apartment, where we he quickly began getting busy in the kitchen, while answering our ever-so-probing questions. We get his word on dating, style, and his ultimate day in Mexico City below. Ay ay ay!

Name: Bernardo Dominguez

Age: 28

Star sign: Scorpio

Currently living: Condesa, DF

And what do you do in Condesa? I work at the creative studio Savvy-Studio DF and I co-run AB, a project that collaborates with other artists and designers to create limited-edition of items. Our first product was a series of unisex scarves that sold out super quick! We’re now working on the next product, stay tuned!

What’s your motto for 2014? Hmmm, I tend to forget it every year so I’m just gonna wing it for 2014.

What will you be doing more and less of this year: More travel and less procrastination

Who is your favorite fictional character: The Empiricists in Charles Avery’s work

What is the immediate deal breaker on a date? I tend to do good research before the date (OCD?), but I tend to find table manners or dress style are an instant giveaway. You can read a person in a matter of minutes, or less.

Daily uniform: Dark jeans, loafers, white shirt. Scarf. Always a scarf.

Well it would just be bad business not to! First date uniform: Take the daily uniform and add a nice jacket! But I change the scarf and the watch.

What are 5 things every man should own:
1. A nice watch
2. Nice shoes
3. A nice wardrobe for that matter
4. A distinctive scent
5. Good grooming products. Art
As well as a good coffee maker. I could go on!

If we had 24 hours in Mexico City with you, where would you take us? We’d start off with coffee at Rosetta Bakery. We’d then  spend the morning exploring cool spots in the old Downtown, an afternoon visit to the new Jumex Contemporary Art Museum in Polanco and finish off with drinks and dinner in Roma at Puebla 109 for late-night drinks and dancing.

Favorite Mexican dish? Quesadillas! Street stalls make the best ones—simple is best.

And what’s a taste you couldn’t live without? Woah! Cheese, seafood, orange marmalade. Earl Grey tea, whisky, chili sweets—it’s an endless list, don’t make me choose!

Tuna Ceviche with Homemade Butternut Squash Crisps

Fresh tuna
Lime juice
Olive oil
Coconut milk
Black sesame seeds
Chopped green chili
Red onion
Butternut squash crisps

Cut some fresh raw tuna in cubes and mix freely with some fresh lime juice, olive oil, coconut milk, avocado, black sesame seeds, chopped green chili and red onion and salt to taste. Garnish with roasted butternut squash crisps.

Photographs by Ana Hop

Stay tuned for dessert with Bernardo! Mm-hm! Got a ceviche recipe to share? Link me below or e-mail me at pippa@sousstyle.com