Josh & Jer Love Hotdogs

Twins Joshua and Jeremiah give props to mom with a quick-and-dirty down-home classic

Names: Joshua Michael Paulin and Jeremiah Paulin

Dish made: My mom used to make this dish called “welfare slop” or “the slop.” It was awesome. Super cowboy style: baked beans, cut-up hot dogs, and potatoes. We have been making it for ourselves since college. We’d try and make it her traditional way or remix it *Airrrhornnnnnnn!* either by cooking all of the ingredients separately and mixing them together later, or mixing the ingredients together as a spread for hot dogs in the summer.

Combine these ingredients
Nathan’s Famous Franks
Maple bacon
Butter or vegetable oil or both
Brown sugar (Joshua: “My nickname in high school”)
Worcestershire sauce
The cheapest buns you can find (a bun so cheap it falls apart when you’re trying to get it out of the bag)
Jalapeno juice
A beer of your choice (several beers later, any beer will do).

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Current location: Brooklyn

Day job:
Joshua: Play bass in Selebrities, a band I’m in with my brother and few other friends.
Jeremiah: Publication Buyer for Opening Ceremony

Daily uniform:
Joshua: Today’s clothes are always last night’s pajamas. Unless it’s the cat’s pajamas and I have no clue what I’m talking about.
Jeremiah: Anything we want, which is always great.

In the kitchen, I swear by:
Joshua: Sriracha!
Jeremiah: Copious amounts of olive oil.

I have a few:
Joshua: Dreadlocks, but some are natural curls, and I’m cool with that.

The taste I couldn’t live without:
Joshua: Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Jeremiah: Bacon

Any hidden talents?
Joshua: I draw things and skateboard on things. I also run a hidden pizza place with its own tumblr. I should’ve made you guys a pizza! Next time!

If my kitchen could talk it would say:
Joshua: This kitchen better keep my secrets… Snitches get stitches.
Jeremiah: CLEAN ME!

Most romantic thing I’ve ever done for a girl:
Joshua: Asked her to be my wife so we could watch Jaws every night.
Jeremiah: Tucked my shirt in.

Most romantic thing a girl has ever done for me:
Joshua: Let me watch Jaws every night.

Ideal date:
Joshua: Let me pick the movie and pretend you like it, even if you don’t. J.J. Abrams is a god.
Jeremiah: The classic: dinner and a movie.

Easiest way to tell us apart:
Joshua: The one that’s not in jail. Joke! I’m shorter and have a full head of hair.

Ever been interested in the same girl?
Joshua: Yeah! In middle school. She ended up posing in Playboy a few years ago. Weird. True story though.
Jeremiah: We’re both Kate Upton fans.

Meaning behind the name Selebrities: A little kid had spelled it wrong in an old comic book (nerd) and I liked it. And I think if you change one letter of a word it becomes your own in a way.

How would you describe your sound? Vogue-ish summertime goth.

Why should we listen to you? It’s nice to make new friends.

Your new album, Lovely Things, is out June 25th. What does it represent to you?
Joshua: It represents some bad times wrapped up in beautiful packaging.
Jeremiah: It represents all the best and worst parts of a relationship, and coming to terms with them. It’s the ultimate break-up album.

What type of music is romantic buzzkill? The theme song to Happy Days remixed by Skrillex playing out of your 1988 Honda Accord. Sadly a true story.

If a girl in the crowd at a show wants your attention, what should she do?
Joshua: “Take yo shirt off, twist around yo hand, and spin it like a helicopter” -Petey Pablo
Jeremiah: I actually notice girls in the crowd because they’re always dancing. And that’s always a good sign the show’s going good.

Top 5 meals:

1. BBQ anything
2. Lobster
3. Wing challenges
4. Sometimes I’m in the mood for just a big salad.
5. “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” –Old Klingon proverb

1. Meatloaf sandwiches
2. Deli sandwiches
3. Country-fried steak
4. Double cheeseburgers and fries
5. Fish and chips

My motto:
Joshua: There is always tomorrow.” Also “kinda sorta.”
Jeremiah: “Well now we know.”

Hear Selebrities here.

Photography by Alex M. Smith