Sneakers & Lattes with Bianca in Sydney

We wake up with the founder of the fitness, super chic site Sporteluxe!

Bianca Cheah makes working out look so darn pretty, we’re about to hop off our laptops and go do some crunches! Nope, that’s a lie. But truth be told, the founder of SporteLuxe really knows how to inspire fitness. We stumbled across Bianca on Insta and asked if we could wake up with her at her home in Darlinghurst, Sydney one morning. Lucky for us and you, she said yes! Her fitness, beauty, breakfast, and latte routine below.

6.30 a.m.
Wake-up and check my e-mails and Insta. I do try and leave my emails to work hours but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Instagram on the other hand, I’m on 24/7! I’m currently loving @nikewomen, @meshyoga@whowhatwear, @songofstyle, and @ministryoftalent.

6.42 a.m. After showering, I massage Obagi C Serum into my skin. I love this product as it protects my skin for the day against the harsh elements. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant for the skin. All my makeup is by MAC, I just haven’t found anything that compares to it yet. And for sunscreen, I use Ella Baché.

6.55 a.m. I throw on my running gear. Today I’m wearing all Nike, including my Nike+ Sportswatch, which I wear everyday.

7.01 a.m. Feed my three goldfish: Baldrick, Fish, and Chip. My favorite is Baldrick, the giant, all-white one with bubbles on his scales. I love how different he is and he’s so placid.

7.03 a.m. I make breakfast. At the moment I’m addicted to the vanilla and coconut milk Chia Pods by The Chia Co. I pour this over cut up fresh paw paw for breaky.

7.15 a.m. Head down to Centennial Park for a wake-up jog. Usually, when I’m just out for a casual jog, I’ll listen to classical music—I know its weird, but I find it really relaxes me. If I’m doing sprints or interval training, I’ll listen to the likes of Katy Perry “Dark Horse,” Jay-Z e.t.c just get me more pumped. I’ll never push myself so hard that my body stresses out—that’s when injuries occur and your body starts to produce cortisol, which means fat storage! Yuck! You don’t want that. So for me, jogging from anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour is the norm. Thats probably a range from 6-11 km. On alternate days I like to do my favorite class of Vinyasa Yoga at Flow Athletic.

7.47 a.m.  I always stretch post a workout, never before. I do a lot of hip flexor stretches as I tend to get inflamed hips when I run. I also stretch my calvess and quads.

8.01 a.m. I head home and get ready for my work day. I live in exercise gear, so putting something on thats fashionable, yet sporty chic is the norm for me. If I’m not in a full outfit of exercise gear, i’ll usually wear a pair of tight black jeans, with a pair of trainers and a plain white Bassike T-shirt from The Stables Sydney. I’m loving T by Alexander Wang collection at the moment. I’ll put on a little Coco Chanel as it reminds me of my mom, that’s why I wear it, to feel closer to her. I always combine that sport luxe element to all my outfits—after all, that’s who I am!

8.30 a.m. Every morning, on my way to work, I always stop off at my favorite cafe in Surry Hills called Venus to grab a soy latte. They also make great healthy smoothies and salads. While I’m there I always check out the latest the fashion in The Stables Sydney store.

9.02 a.m. I arrive at my office in Waterloo and am ready for a day of Sporteluxe work!

Photography by Amanda Fordyce

What are you guys listening to at the moment while running? Comment below! Pippa@sousstyle.com